What is the most easy language to learn?

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That depends on the lingos that you know already. For a native speaker of English, basic Italian and Spanish are easy. If grammar is a struggle, some languages have grammar that is similar to English, yet easier. Three I have experience with are Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish. There are but two genders, one much more common (in fact it's called "common") than the other, there are easy verb conjugations (I be, you be, he/she be, we be, you all be, they be) and sentence structures (especially with Norwegian and Swedish) are almost identical to English. All of Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish have sounds very different from English. If easy grammar isn't an issue then I'd definitely say Italian or Spanish are the easier to pronounce and get used to.
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How can you learn a language?

You can learn a new language by reading, writing, speaking, listening to that language to give your brain plenty of practice and keep it from forgetting what you learn.

Is learning the Japanese language easy?

Yes, According to my view learning Japanese language is so easy asI had learned that in just 50 days. There are so many online Japanese courses available nowadays tolearn Japanese. But, It completely depends on your willingness andinterest for the language which you start learning. The same thingis ( Full Answer )

Is Latin an easy language to learn?

Thedifficulty of learning a language depends on a number of factors,including your native language. And there are different opinions onhow to judge the difficulty of a language. The ForeignService Institute (FSI) has created a list to show the approximatetime you need to learn a specific lan ( Full Answer )

Is Chinese the most difficult language to learn?

How difficult a language is to learn is a matter of opinion. While some people say it is easy, others will say it's the hardest language for them. In theory, Chinese isn't a easy language to 'pick up'. The main spoken language, Mandarin Chinese, relies on tones and one missed tone/pronunciation c ( Full Answer )

Is learning sign language easy?

Learning sign language is not easy. For one thing, it is not just about the signs you learn. Sign language is a foreign language like Spanish.

What is the most desirable language to learn?

Depending on your location. For all non English speakers, English should be the first secondary language that is learnt. The choice can be simplified as follows: . If you are in trade / import & export then [Mandarin] Chinese is the logical choice . If you are a scientist then German is a ( Full Answer )

What is the most important language to learn?

Answer: First and foremost, your native tongue. Learn to speak it well and properly, with good grammar and enunciation. If your first language is not English, then learn that language next, as it is the global language of business and entertainment. After that, it is up to you! Spanish is an excell ( Full Answer )

Is it easy to learn to speak spanish if your first language is English?

Spanish is a beautiful language, but it can be hard for people who only know English to learn. It is easy for Portuguese and Italian speakers, since the languages are quite similar, but if you are only familiar with English then as well as learning new vocabulary you will have to learn new grammar r ( Full Answer )

Is it easy to learn English if your first language is Russian?

Well, that depends on how your gonna learn, English is my 3rd language, and it was easy for me because i learned by listening to English, cz i live in America, but i was fluent in English after about 6 months of being in America. so hope that answered your question!

How is Easy to learn c language?

The easiest way to improve your technical c programming skills is that you just check out the help give in the compilers. . but for this you must spend at least two hours on the computer...

Is Farsi an easy language to learn?

as far as I'm concerned, farsi is among the easiest languages onthe face of the planet and I'll explain my position. i am a native speaker of English. i grew up speaking spanish as asecond language. my grandmother was from Mexico and she neverreally learned English so i could only communicate with h ( Full Answer )

Is Italian an easy language to learn?

Native speakers of English and the Romance languages usually find Italian easy to learn.. In my opinion, Italian is the easiest of the romance languages to learn by far. Italian seems to have strong similarities with two other romance languages in that its grammar is quite like French and its pronu ( Full Answer )

Is Learning a second language is for most people as easy as learning the first?

You learn your mother language from your parents which requires almost no skill. Whatever you learn from your parents is then enhanced by your time at school which does require some effort on your part.. English is reputedly one of the most difficult languages for non-English speaking people to lea ( Full Answer )

How can you learn languages?

Study the language and learn from a natural. Learning from a natural speaker of the language would be the best way you can learn the language.

Is Russian an easy language to learn?

Actually, I'm Russian and I think that if you are from Asia or speak an Asian language (polish, Chinese, ukranian), if the only language you know is English then it will be really hard And also, if you have a very good french, German, or Italian accent then it will be easier for you This is how ( Full Answer )

What is an easy way of learning a new language?

It is normally best for you to learn the grammar of it before you tackle the vocab. Learn the endings of verbs, (I, you, he/she/it, we, you pl., they) and pronouns and if it is a romance language such as Latin or Spanish, it has a lot to do with English. It's easier that way than just trying to memo ( Full Answer )

What is the most difficult language in the world to learn?

Chinese include ( Japanese and Korean) + Arabic.. obviously the alphabet AND the pronunciation are unbelievable ! Answer Polish There is no such thing. Language difficulty depends on the person. Other factors are the learner's native language and their familiarity with the target language's ( Full Answer )

Why is written Chinese one of the most difficult languages to learn?

Written Chinese was developed for the high-class Chinese, which meant it was more fancy and complex. Languages like Korean were developed for the lower-class servants, but Chinese was purposely made for the fancier, more advanced people in the country to show their class.

What are the four most useful languages to learn?

foolish,the best thing is that you don't learn anything if you have to ask such stupid things.:P Yonghu007's answer is: If you are a native English-speaker exceling in your area of profession, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese should be good choices. That makes 3 languages. If I must name a 4th then I ( Full Answer )

What are the easy tips to learn programming language?

Well, whatever you do, you'll have to learn. The easiest way to learn some basics is to use a high level programming language such as, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Python etc.. (very long list).

What is the most simple language to learn?

Answer: 1 This is a somewhat subjective question. Generally speaking, languages closest to one's own tongue are easiest to learn. For English speakers, Afrikaans is the language that is considered easiest. German is also considered an "easy" language to learn. Other contenders for languages that are ( Full Answer )

Which language is easy to learn French or German?

Type your answer here... i think German is easy to learn. .                                                                                   -gulshan \n

What language is most learned as a second language?

Predominantly as of 2010, the most popular second languages learned are English and Chinese. Notes: 1) Popularity is measured by the number of non-native speakers learning the language in question. 2) The fact that English, being the most popular second language learned is not about to chan ( Full Answer )

What is language learning?

Language learning is how a particular language is learnt, the theories about how to learn are included, the techniques used, the materials also. It is the theory and the practice.

What is the most difficult language to learn to speak?

That depends on your native tongue, and the language groups. If you speak English, any of the Romance languages (French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portugese, Romanian, etc.) would be fairly easy to learn and in contrast any other languages would be harder (Japanese, Arabic, Icelandic, Farsi, etc.) I ( Full Answer )

Is croatian most difficult language to learn?

Croatian is a complex language and probably one of the most difficult language types on the world. You must be born in Croatia if you want to speak Croatian perfectly or govoriti Hrvatski savršeno.

What is the most useful programming language to learn?

well, every language has its own importance, but as a starter you can start with C language.. however if you like designing phase, i will suggest Visual basics.. its also easy to learn..

How do you learn your language?

Sociologists would say you are "socialized" into language, that is, you learn it from your parents, your peers, your culture, your social group. In the documentary "Babies," for example, the film-maker takes viewers to four distant locations (Africa, Mongolia, Japan, United States), and in all of th ( Full Answer )

What language do most people want to learn?

The language most people want to learn would ether be English or Spanish. Most foreign countries are teaching their children English along with their native language because America is the current world superpower. Most American people want to learn Spanish because it is easily translated to English ( Full Answer )

How languages are learned?

Languages can be learned by taking a class online or in person. Try your local high school or college if you're interested in learning a language.

Why do you learn languages?

we learn languages because it is to help us communicate with people all around the globe and to help us speak well with other people.

Is learning the German language easy?

It's not the most difficult language, but it's not the easiest either. Here's a true fact for you - the hardest language to learn on the entire planet, is English. And you're writing in English, so you have already mastered the world's most difficult language. There is nothing stopping you taking ( Full Answer )

Is American Sign Language easy to learn?

Once the basics of any sign language are learned then use of it it improves especially when you are around hearing impared people who will help you develop the natural reading and using

What programming language is important and easy to learn?

C++ and Java are two of the most well-known and used programminglanguages today. They are also very easy to learn. Java is evenbased on C++, but contains some stuff that C++ doesn't, such asautomatic memory management.