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Q. Why couldn't Helen Keller drive?

A. Because she was a woman.

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Who is the most courageous famous person ever?

Hellen Keller.

What was hellen Keller most famous for?

HELEN KELLER was famous for her sickness and she showed the whole world to respect blind and deaf people.

How in the world did Hellen Keller get educated?

As most of you know, Hellen Keller was not only Blind...But deaf to. Hellen Keller Got educated by a certain teacher that blind and deaf kids had back in her day.

Did Hellen Keller wear A white top?

In most of the portraits, Yes.

Who is the world's most famous nonfiction writer?

Hellen Keller (The Story of My Life, The World I Live In, Light in My Darkness). A true celebrity, for best of reasons.

Was Alexander Graham Bell smart?

yes he was smart (he also worked / was with hellen Keller most of the time)

How much schooling did Helen Keller have?

Hellen Keller had a lot of formal schooling. She attended several institutes and colleges. The most prestegious was probably Radcliffe. She was also tutored.

Where did hellen Keller go to collage?

Helen Keller was expected to go to school for the deaf, which she did. However, she surprised most people when she was admitted to and graduated from Radcliffe, an elite college for women.

What is the famous story written by Helen Keller?

The most famous story written by Helen Keller is 'The Story of My Life'.

Why is Helen Adams Keller most famous for?

Helen Keller is famous for being the first blinddeaf person to get a Bachelor of Arts degree, also for some books she wrote about her experiance.

What does Helen Keller do to be considered a hero?

Because she was a girl that could learn to talk write and do all those other useful things, even though she was blind and death. Most people that are blind or death or both could not bother to learn taht like Hellen Keller.

History's most famous teacher?

Annie Sullivan, who taught Helen Keller how to use sign language.

Who are the famous handicapped people their handicap and their achievement?

helen keller blind gallup's most widely admire people of the 20th century

How many famous people did Helen Keller meet?

she met alot of famous people, but the most important ones she met were mark twain (most famous american writer of all time) alexander graham bell, and that's all i know of

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What is Helen Keller most rembered for?

Helen Keller is mostly remembered for doing everything everybody thought was not possible.

Who plays the most instruments and speaks the most languages?

Helen Keller

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