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What is the most important kind of insurance?

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Health Insurance, if you can afford it.

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What insurance is the most important for small businesses?

The most important insurance that a small business can have is public liability insurance as accidents can happen and this is the most common accident that will happen that will result in a pay out.

What is the most important kind of insurance to have when running a photography business?

Property Insurance on the pictures and developing equipment. Assuming you are running a mechanical developing place, the negatives are the most important part. Insure the negative storage bin and definitly insure the lenses of your cameras as they are the most important parts of the camera set-up

What automobile insurance is the most important?


Is there a deductible on comprehensive auto insurance?

Yes. Most insurance companies do have a deductible for this kind of insurance. Most deductibles are 500. This can be a normal charge for a deductible.

What is important to consider when purchasing liability insurance for nurses?

When purchasing liability insurance for a nurse it is important to know what kind of coverage the doctor has. Many things will fall under his coverage.

Does the insurance cover transportation from one hospital to another?

Depending on what kind of insurance you have most health insurance companies would cover this cost.

Should most factories carry pollution liability insurance?

yes most factories should protect themselves with any kind of insurance even pollution liability insurance. If they ever get sued they wont legally be upheld for any kind of medical damages.

What are the most important service industries in Europe?

The most important service industries in Europe is the banking and insurance

Does homeowners insurance pay off your mortgage if one of the homeowners dies?

No. For that kind of benefit you need mortgage insurance or a life insurance policy.No. For that kind of benefit you need mortgage insurance or a life insurance policy.No. For that kind of benefit you need mortgage insurance or a life insurance policy.No. For that kind of benefit you need mortgage insurance or a life insurance policy.

What kind of insurance does Simple Insurance offer?

Simple insurance offers insurance which is available to people with most budget types and offers level terms for large periods of time such as 30 years.

What reason for transferring loss is most important for liability insurance?

absolute liability

What kind of insurance products does the Professional Indemnity Insurance company based in the United Kingdom offer?

The PI insurance of UK offers any kind of insurance you desire. Like all insurance companies or atleast most of them only offer sertain types of insurances, but in UK you can rely to get any servise you need.

It is not important to have a life insurance policy.?

It is not important to have a life insurance policy.

What can an auto insurance specialist do for you?

Yes, an auto insurance specialist would be helpful when it comes to picking out insurance. They are able to tell you what kind would be the best and most beneficial for your lifestyle.

Do most people with cats have cat insurance?

To answer your question simply, no. Most people with cats do not have cat insurance. This is due to the fact that cat insurance is far from the kind of insurance issued on people. There are almost always maximums insurance companies pay then you are responsible for the balance which makes most people feel like its not worth getting the insurance if they won't cover the whole costs.

What is the relationship between insurance and successful financial management Why is insurance important?


Can Chicago Home Insurance provide my homes and properties insurance at multiple locations.?

Most insurance companies would be able to provide this kind of insurance on multiple properties in multiple locations. Insurance companies do not need to be local to the property that they are insuring.

What type of insurance do you need to operate and own a barber shop?

There are many types of insurance you will need to own and operate your barbershop. The most important insurance will be liability insurance. Liability insurance will protect you in the event someone is injured on your property.

What are the benefits of Vauxhall car insurance?

There are a few benefits to Vauxhall car insurance. The singularly most important reason to get this car insurance is the low price but alternatively low coverage.

What are the main benefits of GHI health insurance?

Users of GHI health insurance are privy to a wide range of benefits. The first and most important is that they have health insurance. The second is that it is affordable.

What is the most important value of health insurance?

It reduces the amount you pay for medical expenses.

What insurance is required for small business in Texas?

It just depends on what kind of business you are running. Many businesses classes will have a state imposed insurance requirement but "most" will have no insurance requirement by law.

What do insurance companies look at when renewing your auto insurance policy?

Claims history and driving record are the most important things in determining a renewel.

What kind of insurance does the AA offer?

AA offers only car insurance. They do not currently offer any other kind of insurance.

Where on the web could I purchase travel insurance?

That would depend on the kind of travel you are embarking on since flight insurance and cruise insurance are different. Most companies that provide travel will direct you to a reputable site that offers such insurance.

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