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Currently, BetterLight offers the highest megapixals in a digital camera. The Super10K-HS model is a 416 megapixel digital camera.

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How are images captured by a traditional camera?

The megapixals in the camera scatter quikly and the photo snaps the picture

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a digital camera?

they are quick and easy to use with one click of a botton.optical zoom in todays technology can go up to 20 megapixals +digital camera's can be usful in travelling around the world for work:evidencephotography

What is one of the most primitive digital camera?

one of the most primitive digital cameras is the force released, Nickelodeon camera. This digital camera was released before the technology for jpeg color was properly developed!!

Why is a camera phone inferior to a digital camera?

A camera phone normally does not have as good of a lens as a digital camera and most do not have flash. They also have less resolution (lower megapixels) than a real digital camera. Their pictures are OK, but not great.

What digital camera is the most user friendly, for a senior?

The Vivitar ViviCam V15 Digital Camera is a great choice for a senior.

How does one replace a canon digital camera battery?

A Canon digital camera battery can be replaced by buying a Canon digital camera battery and putting the Canon digital camera battery in the Canon digital camera battery socket of the Canon digital camera.

Where was the digital camera developed?

at the digital camera factory!

Is digital camera a noun or a verb?

"Digital camera" is two words. "Camera" is a noun and "digital" is an adjective describing the camera. Neither word is a verb.

Is digital camera a software or a hardware?

A digital camera is hardware.

Description of Digital Camera?

a digital camera is a camera that lets you take photos lol

Where do you insert your digital camera chip?

It is most commonly found in the battery compartment on the bottom of the camera.

Which digital camera has the most megapixels?

The Seitz 6x17 Digital seems to have the highest megapixel count.

Can you use a digital camera to record a video?

Most, but not all, digital cameras will record videos.

What companies make a 10mp digital camera?

Many companies make a 10 mega pixel digital camera. The most popular companies that make a 10 mega pixel digital camera are Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, and Canon.

Do memory cards go inside the camera?

It depends on the camera, but for most digital cameras they do. In my personal digital camera, the SD card goes where the battery is at the bottom, but it should be labeled somewhere.

What is the most popular digital camera in Germany?

The most popular digital camera in Germany can be divided into a variety of cameras from point and shoot to professional. Right now, the title is held by the Instar.

What are three advantages of a digital camera over a 35mm film camera?

the ability to view and delete photos directly from the camera some/most can film video some/most are smaller digital cameras are more economical to use

Which digital camera do you suggest?

CANON SD950 it is my favorite digital camera

Who created the first digital camera?

Kodak invented the digital camera.

Where can you buy a children's digital camera?

A digital camera suitable for children can be bought online from stores such as amazon and eBay. It can also be bought in any good camera store. Children unless they are very young can cope with most digital cameras.

The most MP in a camera?

Hasselblad makes a 50 MP digital back for their film cameras, and produces a 32 MP stand-alone digital camera.

What is the effect of megapixel on digital camera?

depends on the camera. If It's a digital camera or if it's a professional comera

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