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Some of the most modern countries in eastern Asia includeSingapore, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong (China), and others.
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Q: What is the most modern country in East Asia?
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What is the most modern country in the Middle East?

Israel is the most modern country in Middle East

What is the nation that is the most east in south Asia?

Indonesia is the most east country in South East Asia. Indonesia has border with Australia continent in the east.

What is the most densely populated country in south and east Asia?

Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in south Asia

What is East Asia's most populated country?


What is the most biggest country in East Asia?


Richest country in south east Asia?

Singapore is the most richest south east Asian country.

What modern country was formerly known as Persia?

Modern Iran is where Persia originated, but during its peek expansion Persian Empire included most of the Middle East and Asia Minor.

What is the northern most East Asia country?

North Korea

What country is most reliable for the US in East Asia?


Which country takes up most of the territory of east Asia?


Which country of East Asia is the most rigidly Marxist?

North Korea

What country takes up most of East Asia's land?

That would be China.

What country has most of the east coast made up of deciduous forest?


Why south-east Asia is south-east Asia?

Because it is in the part of Asia in the most South East Part

What country relys most heavily on the sea for its food in south east Asia?


What is the most progressive country in southeast Asia?

vjbkj in east Asia 1- Singapore 2 japan Singapore is a safer country

What resource is used the most in south east Asia and east Asia?


Which is the most common natural hazard found in East Asia?

Drought is the biggest problem in East Asia. Earthquakes are second most in East Asia. ANSWER: drought.

What is the most racially diverse country in Asia?

If you want to know the most in the world it's Brazil. For Asia it's usually in South east Asia. Also India which has over 7,000 dialects and cultures.

What religion has the most followers in East and SouthEast Asia?

Buddhism and Confucianism have the most followers in East and SouthEast Asia.

What country is east Asia has the most Population?

China has about 1.351 billion people. Google

Is Asia in the Middle East?

No. Most of the Middle East is in Asia. The countries in Asia that are in the Middle East only form a very small part of Asia, in its southwest. Egypt, which is in Africa, is also part of the Middle East.

What is the largest country in landmass in east Asia?

Depending on how Russia is categorized it could be China or Russia. Russia extends the entire length of Asia and into Europe. Even though Russia occupies the eastern-most point of Asia, Some call Russia a European country. China is a distant second in land-mass. But it it definitely an East-Asian Country.

What is one of South Asia's most modern nations?

What is one of South Asia's most modern nations?????? I do not know you figer it out

How is the modern era different from the postclassical era?

In the postclassical era, the world's most powerful states were in in Asia and the Middle East. In the modern era, power shifted to Eurasia.