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The population of the Earth is directly tied to farming. The more food farmers can produce, then the Earth's population can increase. If there is a disruption in our food supply where food availability is reduced, then the Earth's population will decrease.

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What are the threats to the agriculture ecosystem?

the people that inhabit the earth

How many people are there living on earth?

Over 7 billion people inhabit this planet.

How many living people live on earth?

7 billion people inhabit the earth. By 2050 the number is expected to reach 9 billion.

What does inhabit mean?

The word inhabit means to live in or occupy a place or environment. For example, as humans, we inhabit planet earth.

What is most of the earths mass in?

Most of the mass of the Earth is in the mantle, most of the rest in the core; the part we inhabit is a tiny fraction of the whole

What name is given to most of the people who how inhabit Saudi Arabia?


A sentence for inhabit?

People inhabit in a house. Hope that helps! :)

Inhabit in a sentence?

Dangerous people inhabit these streets. I will inhabit that house in the very near future. Many life forms inhabit these woods.

Who were the first people to inhabit the western hemisphere?

The first people to inhabit the Western Hemisphere was the Spanish.

Why is earth the only planet you can inhabit?

It has oxygen and water.

What is the name given to the first people to inhabit in Sudan?

The first people to inhabit the present-day region of Sudan were the Meroitic people.

How many organisms are estimated to inhabit the earth?

Upwards to the trillions.

Is pterophyte theorized to be the first to inhabit earth?

nooo its cyanobacteria

How do you use the word inhabit in a sentence?

Kiwis inhabit the kauri forests of Northland. Very few people inhabit the colder regions of Russia.

What people were the first to inhabit Crete?

The first people to inhabit Crete were the Minoans. The Minoan people lived in the Crete area around 2000 BCE.

What group of people were among the first to inhabit Canada?

The french were som of the first people to inhabit Canada, besides Inuit indigenous people that were scatered about

Where did most people live?

Most people lived ON the Earth, but some lived IN the Earth.

What is the most common bacteria on earth?

The most common bacteria in the world are the friendly bacteria that inhabit the gut . The most common pathogenic bacteria are those that cause respiratory infections in humans.

Who were the first people to inhabit Rhode Island?


What do Italy people do at home?

they inhabit...

What is the people on the asteroid belt?

The crab people currently inhabit the asteroid belt. The furthest from Earth that humans have reached is the Moon which is a tiny fraction of the distance to the asteroid belt.

The first people to inhabit Russia were the?

The first people to inhabit it and call it something resembling "Russia" were the Varangians, specifically the Rus' tribe.

Do humans own the earth?

No, despite what we may think we only inhabit it.

Who is most at risk of getting bitten by a vampire?

Probably people who inhabit places near jungles which have vampire bats.

Who discovered that objects can displace water?

Probably some of the first people to inhabit the earth, now I think about it. However, I expect that you're thinking of Euclid.

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