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do you mean like a hobby? probably watching TV.

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Q: What is the most popular occupation in the US I mean what type or field of employment is held by more Americans than any other?
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What is the synonym for profession?

There are many synonyms for Profession, as you can find in any thesaurus through However, the legitimate ones are: * Business * Employment * Field * Occupation * Service * Work

Do you enter your current occupation or the occupation that you earned the previous year's income from when filling out the occupation field on the 1040EZ?

Occupation for earnings being reported

What does field of employment mean?

what type of work you do

What field of employment means?

what type of work you do

What does field of employment means?

what type of work you do

The origin of which type of popular music style can be traced to the field hollers spirituals and work songs of African Americans?


How do you differentiate between career field and occupation?

higher pay or contract for career and opposite for occupation

What is Cathy's occupation?

Cathy freeman does Track and Field.

What is the employment outlook?

The demand in a career of a certain field.

Where can one find more information about network employment?

The best place to find information about network employment (if one is looking in the computer field) is to speak to a career counselor at an employment agency. Or one could speak to someone at the local college about employment in this field.

What field occupation did Sacajawea work in?

She had no "occupation". She was a native American woman and mother married to a French trapper. The idea of "occupation" is a modern one.

How can one gain employment in the transcription field?

Typically, to obtain employment in the transcription field, a prospective employee must be a college graduate with a degree in a specialized field. Most notably, this includes medical transcription.

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