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do you mean like a hobby? probably watching TV.

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Q: What is the most popular occupation in the US I mean what type or field of employment is held by more Americans than any other?
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Do you enter your current occupation or the occupation that you earned the previous year's income from when filling out the occupation field on the 1040EZ?

Occupation for earnings being reported

How do you differentiate between career field and occupation?

higher pay or contract for career and opposite for occupation

Where can one find more information about network employment?

The best place to find information about network employment (if one is looking in the computer field) is to speak to a career counselor at an employment agency. Or one could speak to someone at the local college about employment in this field.

The origin of which type of popular music style can be traced to the field hollers spirituals and work songs of African Americans?


What does field of employment mean?

what type of work you do

How can one gain employment in the transcription field?

Typically, to obtain employment in the transcription field, a prospective employee must be a college graduate with a degree in a specialized field. Most notably, this includes medical transcription.

How popular is the field of xenology?

It isn't as popular as fields such as biology or history but it isn't the least popular field of science.

What field occupation did Sacajawea work in?

She had no "occupation". She was a native American woman and mother married to a French trapper. The idea of "occupation" is a modern one.

What is the definition of employment outlook?

Employment Outlook is the chance of you getting a job in a certain field. This could include how many jobs are out there and how many jobs are needed in a certain field.

What is the employment outlook?

The demand in a career of a certain field.

What are the most popular criminal justice jobs?

There are a lot of employment opportunities in the criminal justice field. Some popular jobs are probation officers and criminal defense attorneys. The annual salaries will depend on the type of job and the amount of education required.

What is stock of skills used in a particular field of occupation?


What is Cathy Freeman's occupation?

Cathy freeman does track and field.

How can you find employment in the insurance field?

One can find employment in the insurance field by searching online on websites such as Monster or JobSearch. One can enter keywords and their location to find relevant offers near them.

What are some possible employment opportunities in the science careers field?

There are several employment opportunities in the science careers field. One could be a doctor, biologist, lab technician, school teacher, engineer, or a meteorologist.

What is customer service experience?

Verifiable employment in that field (customer service).

What qualifications are needed for a job in the mental health field?

Depending upon which specific field is being worked in, the qualifications will differ for gaining employment in the field of mental health. However, at the very minimum, mental health professionals will have a bachelor's degree in a behavioral science related field from an accredited college. Again, the exact requirements will depend upon the specific field of employment.

How can you find employment in the education field?

There are various ways to find employment in the education field. Check the job listings in your local newspaper. Also, you can meet with a job placement agency in your area to help find you employment. It may be a temporary job, but at least it's a job.

What field of UK economy observes the growth of employment in recent years?


Can a felon gain employment in the field of Petroleum Engineering after gaining your degree?


How popular is track and field?

Not very popular. The last statistic I saw indicated that about 20 - 25% of the world watch track and field.

Where can one find employment in the field of logistics?

One can find potential employment opportunities in the field of logistics on many job sites. Some examples of sites where one might find listings include Monster, Indeed, and Simply Hired.

What is the definition of 'industrial relations'?

Industrial relations is a multidisciplinary field that studies the employment relationship. Industrial relations is increasingly being called employment relations or employee relations because of the importance of non-industrial employment relationships.

Can a DUI affect employment in the medical field?

It typically results in suspension of the professional license.

What kind of education is required in order to obtain employment as a civil engineer?

There are many different employment opportunities available for one in the field of civil engineering. One must take many different courses, including engineering, to become certified in the field.