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Your mom is the most powerful attack


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probally dark lugia,infernape,or charizard.

The most powerful Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond/Pearl is the most powerful Pokemon of all too. It is ARCEUS

Bug, Ghost, and Dark-type moves are the most effective.

Is arceus the most powerfulPokemon in the world? well in a way arceus's judgment attack can change type by given a plate so if the type is super effective would win in all Pokemon battles.

For me I would say Me First which copy's the enemies attack but 10 times stronger!

Though you can train a Pikachu to be the most powerful Pokemon in your party, popular opinion does not think a Pikachu to be the most powerful Pokemon.

Yes, Mew is the most powerful Pokemon ever.

Most Powerful Water Miscrit(s)LiquifienFlurriousDark HydrosealMost Powerful Nature Miscrit(s)MamaDark FlowerpillerDark ElefaunaMost Powerful Fire Miscrit(s)CrabblesLight BlazebitFlintlyMost Powerful Lightning Miscrit(s)EkidnaBeelzebugDark FelisMost Powerful Wind Miscrit(s)Dark SalamindraSkustunkOctavioMost Powerful Earth Miscrit(s)Dark BulloGemixRaldioMost Powerful DUAL Miscrit(s)FreedomHoneyboltNanaslugI will update this constantly. :)

i believe its Victini's V-create which has a damage of 180

Many cards are extremely powerful with power items like expert belts and plus powers. But the most powerful Pokemon cards (note the 's', it's a tie) are the old Lugia ex and the nowadays Dark Charizard is the strongest because if u put 6 energies on it; it will do 300 damage cuz the attack continuous fireball does 50 damage times the number of fire energies on it!

The most powerful move is Explosion which can be learned via leveling up or by the use of TMs. Though it is the most powerful attack, the user will automatically be knocked out whether it hits or misses. ---------------- Yes, explosion is the most powerful move, but i suggest you use it near the end of a battle when a Pokemon is destroing your team, don't use it with only one Pokemon left, I think the best move ( its not the most powerful) is roar of time, it kills anything anytime for me, and does not kill your Pokemon. (dialga has it)

Well the most powerful non-event Pokemon is Giratina but no one is untouchable.

Fire Move, though only one Pokemon can learn it and Fire Move is not available in any Pokemon games, though the most strongest that you can get in games is Judgement, learned only by Arceus.

The most powerful type of attack against psychic is dark. Trust me, I versed the psychic guy of the Elite Four and I used all the types of attacks. Dark worked best.

well in a way arceus's judgment attack can change type by given a plate so if the type is super effective then it can do as much 600 damage. It can learn almost any attack so I don't know if its the MOST powerful but its certainly strong.

No you can not find TM. thunderbolt in the power plant. Sorry. But you can the second most powerful electric attack there, Thunder, along with the Legendary Pokemon Zapdos.

MEW , the most powerful Pokemon out of all 490 Pokemon.

Most likey the Dark Forest will attack in The Forgotton Warrior since the Dark Forest has many many many cats.

Arceus is the most powerful, with a base stat total of 720, the current highest. sds ooo

The most powerful water type is Suicune.

Son Goku's most powerful attack is Spirit Bomb, therefore I think his most powerful form is Super Saiyan.

In my opinion leaf-storm is the most powerful move in Pokemon.leaf storm i reckon its the most powerful move because it gives the foe one leafy storm - bakugun out

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