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Sodium is by far the most reactive. It self ignites in air (it is stored in oil), reacts vigorously with water (releasing hydrogen) and reacts explosively in acids-even dilute. But the most reactive metal is Cesium and the most reactive non-metal is Flourine Cesium and H20 will explode...

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Which metal is more reactive neon or copper?

Neon is not even a metal! It is a noble gas, so relatively unreactive. Copper is a moderatly unreactive metal, more reactive metals include pottassium, sodium, zinc & iron.

What metal is the most reactive iron sodium or gold?


Which metal displaces to which in iron and copper sulphate solution?

Iron is a more reactive metal and it displaces the copper in the copper sulphate solution, forming iron sulfate and copper.

Why does a more reactive metal displaces a less reactive meta?

a more reactive metal displaces a less reactive metal because a more reactive metal has more affinity for other nonmetals than a comparitively less reactive protein. for example, iron displaces copper from copper sulphate as it is more reactive than copper and hence it forms iron sulphate.

Why can iron be used to get copper sulfate solution?

Because iron is a more reactive metal than copper.

Is iron very reactive?

No, iron is not considered to be very reactive compared to other elements. Other elements like carbon, copper, and sodium are more reactive.

Why can't copper replace iron in salt water?

Copper is less reactive than iron, therefore iron will exist as an aqueous ion and copper will be an elemental metal. See the "reactivity series for metals."

What is more reactive sodium or iron?

sodium is more reactive that iron

Which metal is usually produced by the electrolysis of its fused salt iron or copper or sodium or lead?

This metal is sodium.

What metal is more reactive than copper but less reactive than iron?

In between these two, there are nickel, tin lead and hydrogen.They all are more reactive than copper but less reactive than iron.For your convenience, here is the reactive series of elements in order of decreasing reactivity:-Potassiumsodiumbariumcalciummagnesiumaluminiummanganesezincironnickeltinleadhydrogencoppermercurysilvergoldplatinum

What is the most reactive metal with hydrochloric acid in Zinc Iron and Copper?


Why does the reaction of iron and copper chloride occur?

The reaction occurs because iron is more reactive then the copper is. The more reactive metal wants to create a compound, which is why it forms iron chloride. Copper, being the less reactive substance wants to become pure and separates from the chloride to be on its own.

What metal displaces copper from copper sulphate solution?

If you research the reactivity series then anything above copper, for example, Iron would displace copper as iron is more reactive.

Why iron does not displace sodium from salt solution?

Iron does not displace sodium from a salt solution because it is not reactive enough. Iron does, however, displace Cu from a copper sulphate solution.

What happens when iron is dipped in copper sulphate solution and why?

When Iron metal is dipped into a solution of copper sulfate a REDOX reaction occurs in which the Copper is reduced (gains electrons) and the iron is oxidised (loses electrons). When this happens, the iron metal becomes iron ions and the copper ions in the solution become copper metal. Cu2+(aq) + 2e- --> Cu(s) Fe(s) -->Fe2+(aq) + 2e- This occurs because the iron is a more active metal than copper, and as a general rule of thumb, a more reactive metal will displace a less reactive metal from solution. This principle underlies the action of the sacrificial electrode.

Why is the magnesium the most reactive metal among silver copper lead zinc and iron?

magnesium is an alkaline earth metal. silver, copper, lead, zinc, and iron are transition metals. alkaline earths are naturally more reactive then transition metals.

What is the most reactive metal out of copper sodium magnesium iron and calcium?

Magnesium is more reactive than copper because if you study the periodic table, you will be able to find out that Magnesium is more reactive.Also, coins are made out of copper, they choose copper because it is cheap and extremely unreactive.Furthermore, I've done an experiment to find out that Magnesium is more reactive than Copper by putting both elements into Water/Acid.

Is copper more reactive than iron?

No. Iron is more reactive.

How do you get copper from a copper sulfate solution?

Simply put a metal which is more reactive than copper(i.e. iron, zinc, etc.) into a copper sulfate solution. The copper will get deposited on the surface of the other metal.

What metal reacts with oxygen when heated?

Magnesium, Iron, Copper,sodium and potassium

What metal reacts least copper gold iron or silver?

Gold is least reactive.

Why can iron be used to extract copper?

Iron is a more reactive metal than copper, and so will replace it in a compound. The more reactive a metal is, the more stable it is in a compound, and the less stable it is in its elemental form. So relative to one another, iron is more stable in a compound while copper is more stable as apure element.

Put iron copper and magnesium in order of there reactivity?

Magnesium, Iron, Copper. Most reactive - least reactive.

What element is most reactive sodium magnesium or iron?

Sodium is more reactive than either magnesium or iron.

Will copper displace the iron from iron oxide?

No, copper is less reactive than iron.