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Good question, but the penny that has ever brought the most money was the 1943 bronze, wheat penny. Fewer than ten of these were struck by error.

MoreIn 2011 a top-quality 1943-D bronze cent was quoted at $1.75 million. That's more than twice as much as the next-rarest US cents which are various varieties of Large Cents minted in 1793.
2011-06-19 19:50:57
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What is the most valuable penny ever minted?

The 1943 Denver copper cent. It was recently sold for 1.7 million US dollars.

What is the most valuable us penny?

The highest know price ever paid for a 1 cent coin is 1.7 Million dollars for the only known example of a 1943-D copper Lincoln cent.

What year was the first US cent made?

The first US cent issued by the United States Mint was the Large Cent in 1793.

Why is the 1939 US 1 cent coin worth so much?

It's only valuable if it's a 1939-D or -S, because there weren't as many made that year.

Is a two cent stamp worth anything?

2 cent stamps are issued today by the US, but 2 cent stamps have been issued since 1847. If you have one of THOSE 2 cent stamps you have a valuable stamp indeed.

What is the value of a US Steel Cent 1943?

Not very valuable at all. these were produced in the billions. not rare but a nice thing to have.

What year did the 1 cent stamp come out?

The first US one cent stamp came out in 1851. That was Scott Number US 5.

What year did the one cent stamp occur in us?


What are the most valuable us error coins?

Two of the most valuable varieties are the 1943 copper and 1944 steel cents, with values of many thousands of dollars. A couple other well known errors are the 1955-D double die cent and the 1937-D three-legged buffalo nickel.

The US most valuable ally in the Revolution was?


Most valuble penny in the US?

the most valuable is the penny in the us has a head on the front and back hope this helped :) :) :) :) :)

Can you give me a list of three cent stamps?

What year was a 2 cent US stamp with Frank Lloyd Wright's face on it issued?

When did the us cent come out?

If you mean, whats first year of issue? 1793

What year did US one and two cent pieces stop?

The US Large Cent was disconinued in 1857. The Flying Eagle type small cent was minted from 1856 to 1858. The Indian Cent was discontinued in 1909. The Lincon cent is still in production today although it has been redesigned every 50 years since 1909. The US 2 cent coin was minted from 1864 to 1873.

What is the most valuable us paper money?

20 dollar bill

What is the most valuable sports team in the us?

New York Yankees

What are the most valuable signatures on the 1969 US 5 bill?


What is the value of 1902 US silver dollarthisis a Edollar?

What is the most valuable

What is the value of a large one cent 1873?

Please look at the coin again, 1857 was the last year the US made a large cent.

Coins that are worth the most?

The single most valuable US coin is the 1933 double eagle.

What was the average price of a gallon of milk in 1962?

The average price of a gallon of milk in 1962 was 49 US cent. A dozen eggs cost 57 US cent in the same year.

What are the most valuable coins in US history?

There is no doubt that the 1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle is the most valuable US coin. One of these coins recently sold at auction for over 7 million dollars.

What year did the us 10 cent pieces stop being made from silver?

In 1965.

What is the value of 1 us cent in India?

1 US cent has the same value the world over! i.e. 1 US cent

What month was 1865 3 cent nickel minted?

Most people are happy to know what year their coin was minted. Unless you have found some US Mint trivia that says all of the 3-cent nickels were minted in a certain month that year, there is absolutely no way to determine the exact date.