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Trying to figure out what you mean by the question. The movement from clip to clip would likely be frames.

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Q: What is the movement from windows movie maker clip to clip?
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How do you reverse a clip on Windows Movie Maker?

You can't reverse anything in the Windows Movie Maker application. There is no feature to do that.

What windows movie maker has clip art?

None of them do. Windows Movie Maker programs do not come with integrated clips/clipart, etc.

How can you make a clip slower in windows movie maker?

Yes, you can slow down a clip in Windows Movie Maker. Click on the option Slow Down, Half in the Effects menu.

How do you get a movie or video clip into another video that you are making?

windows movie maker

How do you reverse a video clip using Windows Live Movie Maker on a Windows 7 computer?

Sorry. That can't be done on Windows Live Movie Maker.

How do you reverse videos in windows movie maker?

Visit the link posted below. It is a video tutorial on how to reverse a clip in Windows Movie Maker.

What is audio clip?

An audio clip is a piece of a song . You can divide the clip using windows movie maker I have absolutely no idea.

How do you end a movie in Windows Movie Maker?

By Publishing or Finishing it. The video will end wherever your last clip is.

On windows movie maker how do you have more than two clps on one screen?

You can't have more than one clip in use at a time on the Video track in Windows Movie Maker.

What is the best movie making software that can make still and video clip?

Windows Movie Maker version 2.6.

Why does windows movie maker say are you sure you want to remove this clip?

So if you click on delete on accident, then you dont lose the clip.

How do you add pictures to a video clip in movie maker?

You can't overlay anything on a video in Windows Movie Maker except text (Title). No pictures unfortunately. You can do that on many other purchased video editing software applications, but not Windows Movie Maker.

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