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cartridge belt

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Q: What is the name for a bullet cartridge belt?
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What is the name of a bullet to a shotgun?


What is the name of a machine gun bullet?


What is the name of the device in a firearm with a bullet and an explosive charge?

I believe you are referring to "cartridge." The cartridge is the entire assembly of the bullet, primer, powder charge, and casing.

Why is a shell for a gun called a bullet?

Actually, the proper name is "cartridge." The term bullet is an extremly common but incorrect usage when referring to a cartridge. The term bullet only refers to the piece of lead that comes out of the barrel when the gun is fired. The bullet is one component of the cartridge.

What is the name for the bottom of a gun cartridge?

A typical center fire cartridge consists of bullet, cartridge case, primer and powder. The bottom is the cartridge case- and the bottom of the cartridge case is the case head. markings on it are called "headstamps".

How much powder is in a 50 cal rifle bullet?

The proper term is CARTRIDGE- bullet is the part of a cartridge that is fired from the barrel. There is no one answer to your question- it will depend of which .50 CAL cartridge- and then it depends on the loading of that particular cartridge (different bullet weights will have different powders/ amounts)

Draw and label five parts of bullet and cartridge case?

A cartridge has 4 parts, the bullet, the casing, the primer, and the powder charge.

How is a bullet different from a regular round?

A "round" of ammunition refers to one complete shot- properly called a cartridge- which usually consists of a cartridge case, a primer, powder, and a bullet. The bullet is the part of a cartridge that is fired out of the barrel. Some people (in error) call cartridges bullets. A bullet is PART of a cartridge- or round. Make sense?

What is the largest bullet type?

BULLET is the term used for the projectile fired from a cartridge. The largest civilian rifle cartridge is the .950 JD Jones.

What is a round in a gun?

bullet?Well, a bullet is PART of a round of ammunition. It is actually one CARTRIDGE. A catridge consists of the cartridge case, primer, powder, and bullet. The bullet is the part that is fired out of the barrel.For some purists, the term "round" refers to a shot or a bullet after it is shot. For most other people a "round" refers to one cartridge of ammunition.Think of it this way: The ammunition manufacturer loads a bullet into a case to make a cartridge. The shooter loads the cartridge into the firearm and pulls the trigger, firing a shot or a round AKA sending a round downrange. The bullet then hits the target.

Is a bullet a bullet if there is no powder and no primer present?

Yes. The bullet is only the projectile. A bullet with case, powder, and primer is a cartridge. A cartridge without powder or primer is called a dummy cartridge because it will fit into a firearm but will not fire. Dummies are used for non firing training with weapons, and for display purposes.

What 9mm bullet best matches umarex blank bullet in shape and size.?

Term is cartridge, not bullet (bullet is the projectile part of a cartridge). Depending on WHICH of the Umarex blanks, a 9mm parabellum cartridge is a fair match, but not exact. The blank guns were designed so that they can NOT chamber and/or fire live ammo.

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