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There is the Creamsicle Palomino Spotted Draft Foal Model Horse, and there is the Breyer American Cream Draft Horse. They can both still be bought.

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Are there any Palomino Pinto Draft horses made by the Breyer model horses?

Yes actually there is because i have one. I have 68 breyer horses and 7 real horses.

Of palomino appaloosa and pinto horses which type of horses are the best?

Palomino and pinto are coats. You cannot tell which horse is better just by coats.

How can you tell a palomino from a pinto?

A palamino is a golden horse with a white/cream mane and tail and a pinto is a black/brown and white horse

Is a palomino a race horse?

No just like a pinto is not a racehorse. Palomino is a color not a breed though some Quarter horses can be Palomino racehorses. As can Thoroughbreds.

What is a white and gold horse called?

That would be a pinto, which is the Spanishword for "paint".A horse with a golden body and white mane and tail is Palomino in color, not pinto. Pinto is a pattern.

How can you tell if your horse is a Paint or palomino?

A palomino horse is golden colored with a white mane and tail and a paint/pinto horse is any color with one of the white spotting patterns, Tobiano, Overo or Sabino.

What type of horse would you get if you bred a Gray piebald horse and a Palomino piebald horse?

It depends on the genes of each horse. I would personaly say a white,pinto, paint, roan, palomino, or bay horse. Ther are right in saying it depend on the genes. Gray tends to be dominant over Palomino though.

Is there a street named after a horse color?

Yes. In Bain Bridge Island there are streets named after horse colors like palomino, pinto, and sorrel.

How tall can a pinto horse grow?

Pinto is a color pattern, not a "breed". So pinto horses can range from the smallest mini to the biggest draft sized horse (20 plus hands).

What horse breed was once considered extinct?

Caspian By SugarJumper on Palomino server =) Checked by DawnFire- Grey and Pinto

Who invented the horse breed pinto and when?

the pinto is an American horse like the mustang and palomino. im not to sure about when it came around but it might have been around the 1500s!! you might want to do some more research on that one

What is the biggest size a pinto horse can get?

Pinto horses range from miniature horse size to nearly the size of the largest draft breeds. In addition to the above answer, Pinto is a type of marking/coloration and does not affect a horses size, therefore a pinto can be any size.

What breed of horse is bred especially to pull carts for Romany people?

That would be the Gypsy horse also called a Tinker horse depending on geography and the type of people. The gypsy is a cross between pinto marked horses and draft horses. A Gypsy horse is just a pinto draft horse with lots of feathering and thick manes and tails.

Model riding horse?

A model riding horse is usually a temperamental family type of horse. A paint, pinto, palomino etc is usually good but you should always learn about a horses personality before riding it.

How many server's are there on HorseIsle?

There is 10 different servers on horse isle.PalominoCremelloBrownChestnutGreyRoanBayDunPintoWhite (which you must subscribe to that server to play)GeorgiaRosePalomino server

What is a good name for female a horse name?

Well, there really is an endless list, but here are a few: Daisy (palomino pinto) Star (any color of horse with a star) Jasmine (probably a bay) Delilah (bay or black) Princess Penelope (any color) Ladie Sadie (silver dapple) Midnight Belle (black or black pinto) Golden Secret (palomino)

What is a Paint Horse and a Pinto Horse mix called?

A paint horse is a breed and a pinto horse is a color.If you want to know what to call a pinto horse that is a paint, Pinto Paint!!

What horses live in North America?

American saddlebred, American Shetland, Appaloosa, assateague, chincoteague, Missouri foxtrotter, Morgan, mustang, palomino, pinto, Pony of the Americas (POA), quarter horse, rocky mountain horse, Tennessee walking horse.

What are some colors of a horse?

bay, gray, dapple gray, palomino, blue roan, red roan, pinto/paint, appaloosa, black, grulla, chestnut, sorrel, brown

How many breeds of horse are there?

there are about 267 breeds in the worldAnswerTher are hundreds of horse breeds all over the world - some American breeds, however, are classed as a breed in America and a colour everywhere else, such as the Palomino and Pinto.

Where do pinto horse get there name?

I believe pinto comes from the word ''pintar'' in Spanish which means painting/paint.The horse itself looking like its been painted is probably why the pinto horse is called pinto.

How long does a pinto horse live?

The average life span of a Pinto horse is 20 to 25 years. A Pinto horse is a horse that has large patches of white and any other colors mixed on it.

What saddles do pinto horses usually have?

....... you dont need a special saddle for a pinto. you just use any saddle that fits.....

What were pinto horses used for?

Well pinto is actually the markings on the horse and not a 'real' breed any breed of horse can have pinto markings. But any pinto colored horse could be used for any activity involving horses.

What is the Temperament of pinto horse?

A pinto is actually just a color and not a breed. Pintos can be ponies and horses, everything from a miniature horse to a draft and lots of breeds in between. Therefore, its impossible to give you the general temperament of a pinto. The temperament of any horse (or pony) is going to depend on a lot of factors, including breed, gender, age, health, how the horse has been raised and treated by humans and how much or how little training the horse has received. Pintos are certainly gorgeous! A little time and effort spent shopping around can get you a beautiful pinto AND a great temperament!

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