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Q: What is the name if somebody that studies caves?
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What is the name for someone who studies caves?

The name for someone who studies caves is a speleologist or a spelunker.

What is the name of the scientist that studies caves?

Speleologist .

What is the name for the career that studies underwater caves?

Underwater Spelunking

What is the general name for somebody who studies space?

An astronomer.

What does a speleologist have in common with a troglodyte?

A speleologist studies caves a trogolodyte lives in caves

What is the name of somebody who studies fish?

marine biologist marine- bio-lo-gist

What does a speleologist do?

A speleologist is a person who studies caves.

What is the name of a person who explores caves?

A CAVER - as simple as that, throughout the English-speaking caving world. Someone who studies caves and their contents scientifically is a Speleologist - though he or she is still a caver because you have to be able to negotiate caves in order to study them!

Name for somebody who explores caves?

Speleologist +++ Strictly speaking a speleologist is one who studies caves scientifically. One who simply explores caves, whether in genuine original exploration or visiting known ones, is a Caver, throughout the English-speaking caving world. Besides, most speleologists tend to describe the science as Speleology but themselves as simply cavers to avoid sounding pretentious -and anyway, you have to be a cave to be able to study the inner recesses ofcaves!

What does entomoligist mean?

Somebody who studies insects

What is a sedimentologist?

a sedimentologist is somebody who studies sediment....

Is a pharmacist somebody who studies medicine?

No. Google it.