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Belle's horse is named Philippe.

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Q: What is the name of Belle's Horse?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Belles du Crazy Horse - 2006?

The cast of Belles du Crazy Horse - 2006 includes: Isabelle Guiard

What is the birth date of eight belles the racing horse?

Febuary 23, 2005

Who played belles mother in home and away?

Amanda was Belles mother in Home and Away. Her name is Holly Brisley

What is belles lettres?

Belles lettres in French is a name given to grammar, poetry, and literature in general. In English it means literature.

What was albert belles real name?

Albert Jojuan Belle

What is hadley last name from Southern Belles of Louisville?


What is belles daughter name?

She had two daughters, Grace and Marie

What horse died in the 2009 Kentucky Derby?

In 2009, a filly name Raspberry Miss and another horse named Dr. Rap collided during a training session. Raspberry Miss died and Dr. Rap was injured. Eight Belles was the female horse that died in the 2008 Kentucky Derby. She twisted both of her front ankles right after she crossed the wire.

Will there be a curlin big brown or eight belles breyer horse?

Probably Curlin, Big Brown is doubtful, as is Eight Belles, although if you really want one I'm sure people are customizing the racehorse models - check eBay, but they will be pricey!

Which horse died after the 2008 race in the Kentucky Derby?

Eight Belles suffered compound fractures of both forelegs and was euthanized.Fernando govea

What was the name of Kit's team in the finals of the movie A League of their own?

The Racine Belles

Did a horse die in the Kentucky Derby?

The first horse to die in the Derby was Eight Belles in 2008. She finished the race in second place. Eight Belles died after the race during cool-down by being euthanized because of compound fractures.