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THE GMC SPRINT WAS PRODUCED BETWEEN 1971 AND 1977, ESSENTIALLY IT WAS THE EXACT SAME VEHICLE SAVE FOR THE EMBLAMAGE AND OPTION PACKAGES. FOR MORE INFO, REFERENCE::: Answer In 78-87 the GMC version was the Caballero and was basically identical to the El Camino of the same years. Except for badges and package names.

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2007-07-10 06:15:09
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Q: What is the name of General Motors vehicle similar to the Chevy El Camino?
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Who built the El Camino?

Chevrolet (division of General Motors)

What car company made the El Camino?

Chevrolet markets the El Camino, which is manufactured by General Motors.

Who make Cadillac car?

Cadillac is a luxury vehicle line owned by General Motors.

In what years were Ford Rancheros made?

Ford Rancheros were made between 1957 and 1979. They were a coupe utility vehicle and a total of 508,355 units were made. General Motors made their own version and called it the El Camino.

What are the use of the duramax?

The uses of the duramax are its use in the General Motors vehicles. The duramax is diesel with the unique use in truck made by the general motors vehicle company.

When was GMC founded?

GMC was created in 1909 when General Motors bought the "Rapid Motor Vehicle Company". General Motors was founded on September 16, 1908.

What is General Motors main product?

General motors is a vehicle manufacturer. Their main product is passenger vehicles such as cars, light trucks, and vans. Examples of brands which General Motors uses to market its products include Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, and Pontiac. Any of these vehicles are "General Motors" vehicles.

What is the population of General Motors?

General Motors's population is 2,012.

Who ownes Hummer Trucks and rights to hummer?

Hummer is a division of General Motors or GMC.Added: The above answer pertains to the civilian version of the vehicle. The military version of the vehicle, commonly known as a HUMVEE, is manufactured under contract by several US companies other than General Motors.

Who makes the presidents limousine?

The current limousine made by General Motors. It is specially made, but is similar to a Cadillac.

Did Cadillac make a truck similar to the Chevy ELcamino have been told they did never saw one has anyone?

In 1954 General Motors produced the Cadillac El Camino, a drivable show car to be displayed in the 1954 GM Motorama. It was not a car pickup in the same vane as the Chevrolet El Camino, and had no rear bed. It was instead a 2 seater car that was never put into production. Chevrolet also used the El Camino name on a true pickup in 1959.

What is a Cadillac?

A Cadillac is a division of General Motors, a United States vehicle company, which markets luxury vehicles worldwide.

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