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Pretty sure the word you are looking for is 'Magnetism'.

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Q: What is the name of The force that attracts metal to a magnet?
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What is the name of the force that attracts a paperclip to a magnet?

magnetic force

What is the name of the force that causes a magnet to move a metal object?

magnetic force?

What is the name for a metal with north and south poles?

A Magnet

What is an antiferroquadrupole?

An antiferroquadrupole is another name for an antiferromagnetic quadrupole - in which a magnet with two identical poles attracts rather than repels.

Name two things that a magnet force can pass through?

what are the things pass through magnet fields?

What is the name of a heavy metal that protects against magnet frequency?


Name of a material that attracts or repels other materials as long as its own arrangement of domains is orderly?

magnet... that's the answer for mr. doty's worksheet

What has happened if a magnet becomes barely magnetic?

There are things (I can't remember their name) that face in one direction on a magnet. When these face in different directions the magnet gradually loses force

What is another name for lodestone?

Lodestone is a magnetized piece of magnetite and is sometimes referred to as magnetite. Lodestone is a naturally occurring magnet that attracts iron.

What was the name of Star Trek force field material?


What is the name of the instrument used for measuring force?

They are Force meter or Force gauge that use to measure the force. The meter may use spring of known elasticity or electro-magnet to balance and measure out the force.

What is the name of Fighting Force in Japan?

The 1997 PlayStation game by MobyGames "Fighting Force" has a different name in the country of Japan. "Fighting Force" in Japan is known as Metal Fist.