What is the name of a Broadway actress that begins with the letter A?

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Who is an actress whose first name begins with the letter Y?

Yasmeen Bleeth. An actress who's name begins with "Y"???? How about..........Yvette Fielding. I am sure there are a few of you saying, "Who?" She is the host of Most Haunted,

How did Broadway get its name?

Broadway is a street running from lower Manhattan along the WestSide to Harlem. Most of the early theaters were on, or at leastwithin two blocks on either side of, that street

Actresses whose first name begins with the letter M?

Morgan Fairchild . Mary Tyler-Moore . Minnie Driver . Meryl Streep . McKenzie Phillps . Michele Pieffer . Melanie Griffith . Meg Ryan . Marion Ross . Marilyn Monroe .

Why is Broadway named Broadway?

Broadway is the street that all of the theaters are on. it was originally New York's main street, which made it a great place to open businesses such as theaters ** In repl
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Actresses whose names begin with the letter J?

Jodie Foster . Julia Roberts . Jennifer Aniston . Jennifer Garner . Joanne Woodward . Julie Christie . Julie Andrews . Justine Bateman . Jaime Lee Curtis . Jennifer L