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The Christian religions (of which the Eastern Orthodox Church is a part) do not have a name for God. Why would the only one true God have need of a name.

If by Christian Church you mean Catholic Church(as their was and is the Eastern Orthodox, which historically didn't get along well with Catholics) then the Reformation.

That depends on the use and context:He is a christian - is usually not capitalized.He is a member of the First Christian Church - is always capitalized.His name is Christian - is always capitalized.etc.

Roman Catholic AnswerIt was called the Schism of the East, when the Orthodox Church broke away from the Catholic Church.

A christian name is usually the name given at the child's babtizim in church.

The Eastern Roman or Eastern Christian empire.

The Orthodox Christian Church is over 2,000 years old, however, the name for this Church in Greece and some other parts of the world started to become known as "Greek Orthodox" from about 1821. The Greek Orthodox are part of the Orthodox Christian Church (sometimes called the Eastern Orthodox Church) which is the same Church that Jesus founded in 33 AD.

No, but the church Christian Life Centre changed its name to Hillsong Church.

Another name for a church recess is apse. They are typically placed at the eastern end of the church and contain the altar.

Roman Catholic AnswerThe Catholic Church is sometimes known as the Western Church to distinguish it from the Eastern Orthodox Church.

When you are born a Norwegian citizen, your name is automatically added as a member of the Norwegian church as a Christian. Thus as of 2010 79% of Norwegians is a member, if you as you grow up wish to "un-register" this is within your right, although you are a member until you can do so. However although the majority of the Norwegian population is a member of the church, this does not constitute that they are Christians, many people who do not follow the religion are still members simply because the haven't bothered to "un- register."

The Byzantine Empire is just the modern name of the continuation of the Roman Empire from its eastern capital Constantinople, built on the site of the city of Byzantium. The Church in that part of the world was a continuation of the apostolic Church from earliest times. It is known as the Greek Orthodox Church.

Upon researching Kingsway Christian Church it has been found that there are many churches in the USA that are named Kingsway Christian Church. Some of the locations where one can find a church by the name of Kingsway Christian Church are in Avon Indiana, Menphis Tennessee, Omaha Nebraska and Yankton, South Dakota.

The Catholic Church lists no canonized saint by the name of Amber.

Christian Listeners, USA is a protestant ministry and has nothing whatsoever to do with the Catholic Church, other than the name "Christian."

The name of the member of national assembly of Botswana for Ghanzi South is De Graaf, Christian.

The name of the Son of God of Christianity is in the Greek [Eastern] Orthodox Church Ιησούς Χριστός [Jesus Christ].

At the time of the Roman Empire the church of the eastern part of the empire was called Eastern or Greek. Later it came to be called Orthodox.

The Church of God @ Jerusalem, headed by Jesus' half-brother, James.

Catholicism is not a denomination. It is the name of the original Christian Church and is not divided into denominations. There are different rites within the Catholic Church - Maronites and other Eastern Rites for example - but they are all Catholics and not separate denominations. Denomination usually refers to Protestants who have some 36,000 denominations.

The Greek Orthodox Church left the Catholic Church in the eleventh century.

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