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Charley Pride

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Q: What is the name of a popular African American male country singer?
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Who was the first African-American country singer?

Charlie Pride was the first African American country singer who was on the charts professionally. But before him, the first African-American (or Negro, as they were then called) performer in country music was probably DeFord Bailey, a popular harmonica player who could be heard on the Grand Old Opry in the 1920s and 1930s, and performed with many famous country stars. He was not a singer, but many of the big country stars would not have had hits without him.

Is Chris Brown an African American singer?

Yes, Chris Brown is an African American singer.

Who was the first African American country singer in the grand ole Opry?

I think it was Charlie Pride

Who was the most successful African American country singer?

It would have to be the great, and the talented, Charley Pride.

Is Patsie Cline African American?

Patsy Cline is deceased. She was a white female country singer.

Was Charlie Pride the first and only African American Country and Western Singer?

There were other African American Country artist who worked in the country music industry. But, the only one to make his mark, and to become a country music legend, would be the great Charley Pride. The first known African American artist in country music was DeFord Bailey, a gifted harmonica player, was one of the Grand Ole Opry's most popular performers in the late 1920's.

What African American died in airplane crash?

Popular Rock and Roll singer Otis Redding, in l967 or thereabouts.

What are the most popular country singer's?

In my opinion, my favorite country singer is Toby Keith!

Is Brandy the singer an African American?


Who is a famous African American singer?


What is Leann Womack most noted for?

Leann Womack is most noted for being an American country music singer. The American country music singer Leann Womack has many popular songs including her hit single, "I Hope You Dance".

What was the ethnicity of Aaliyah Haughton the singer?

Native American and African American

What is the ethnicity of the singer Ashanti?

Ashanti is African-American.

Who is the singer prince?

He is a famous african-american r&b rock singer.

Who is the first black female singer?

Bessie Smith was the first African-American singer.

Name the first popular singer composer and pianist who became the first major African American star to host a television show on NBC?

Nat King Cole

Is Beyonce Knowles singer a black woman?

She is Multiracial (mixed). Her father is African American and her mother is Creole (French/Native American/African American)

Who was the first male African American singer?

Joshua sanchez

Famous South African singers?

akon is a south african/american singer, he was born in 1977

What nationality is mya?

The Rand B singer Mya's nationality is American. She was born in 1979. The beautiful singer's ethnicity is African American and Italian.

What is Rhett Akins famous for?

Rhett Akins is a famous American country singer. He was popular between 1994 and 1997. "That Ain't my Truck", is his most well known and popular song.

Who is the most popular country singer?

Garth Brooks

How was Maya Angelou an impact in American HIstory?

she was the first African American poetry writer and singer

Who was Marian Anderson and what was she famous for?

Marian Anderson was an african-american singer.

What is the name of an African American woman jazz singer?

Ella Fitzgerald

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