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What is the name of a popular African American male country singer?


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Charley Pride


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Charlie Pride was the first African American country singer who was on the charts professionally. But before him, the first African-American (or Negro, as they were then called) performer in country music was probably DeFord Bailey, a popular harmonica player who could be heard on the Grand Old Opry in the 1920s and 1930s, and performed with many famous country stars. He was not a singer, but many of the big country stars would not have had hits without him.

Yes, Chris Brown is an African American singer.

It would have to be the great, and the talented, Charley Pride.

Patsy Cline is deceased. She was a white female country singer.

There were other African American Country artist who worked in the country music industry. But, the only one to make his mark, and to become a country music legend, would be the great Charley Pride. The first known African American artist in country music was DeFord Bailey, a gifted harmonica player, was one of the Grand Ole Opry's most popular performers in the late 1920's.

Popular Rock and Roll singer Otis Redding, in l967 or thereabouts.

He is a famous african-american r&b rock singer.

Native American and African American

Bessie Smith was the first African-American singer.

She is Multiracial (mixed). Her father is African American and her mother is Creole (French/Native American/African American)

akon is a south african/american singer, he was born in 1977

Bessie Smith, a.k.a., "the original Black Diva," was the first African-American female blues singerrecorded on film

Marian Anderson was an african-american singer.

she was the first African American poetry writer and singer

It's a good South African country singer.

Bessie Smith, a.k.a., "the original Black Diva," was the first African-American female blues singer recorded on film. http://www.africanchorus.org/Voam/Voam822.htm

She is a popular country music singer.

Chris Brown is a famous African American hip hop singer. His mother is an African American and so is his father.

In my opinion, my favorite country singer is Toby Keith!

she is sundanese and African American

Queen Latifah is a African American Rapper/Actor/Singer

Much to the surprise of some people, there have been a few African American country singers over time. One of the legends is Charlie Pride, who began his career in 1966. Others include Cowboy Troy (known for his country raps) and Darius Rucker (who came from the band "Hootie and the Blowfish").

The first African American man to have a TV show was singer Nat King Cole in 1956. The first African American woman to have her own show was Oprah Winfrey in 1986.

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