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It may have had to do with Entebbe, which took place in 1975. One movie is Operation Thunderbolt.

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What is the name of the Movie regarding the hijacked Israelis that were miraculously rescued?

Raid on Entebbe. The Movie concerns Operation Entebbe, an Israeli military operation to rescue Israelis wrongfully detained in Uganda by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

What was the battle when the allied forces were trapped by the Germans in France where miraculously rescued?

That would be Dunkirk.

How does Brian get rescued in Brian winter?

He contacted a passing airplane.

What does Brian Accidentally do that results in his being rescued?

He accidentally turned the radio from the bag on and it communicated with a passing airplane.

How Were The Soldiers Rescued?

They were rescued by fleets over 800 vessels.

Does Katniss and Peta die in hunger games cacthing fire?

No. Katniss was rescued from the arena and given medical attention onboard a hovercraft run by Haymitch and a newly-revealed ally Plutarch Heaversbee. Peeta was captured by the Capitol. He was rescued by the rebellion in Mockingjay, but it was revealed that he was hijacked by the Capitol into thinking that Katniss was a genetically engineered monster and nearly all of his memories were wiped

What is the spanish word for rescued?

rescued = rescate

What is the Gaelic for 'rescued'?

tarrthailte (with a fada on the second 'a')

How do you say rescued in Japanese?

"Rescued" is "tasuketa" in Japanese.

Is rescued an adjective?

It can be used as an adjective -- a rescued animal.

How do you say rescued in other languages?

rescued is "secouru" in French

Who sings that song rescued that goes like you prefer not to be rescued?

Jack's Mannequin - Rescued one of my most favorite songs

Who rescued the people after the titanic sank?

Most of those rescued were rescued by the smaller liner Carpathia, which responded first to the distress call.

Who rescued Moses?

Moses was rescued from the river Nile, by the Pharaohs daughter.

In Greek mythology was rescued from the sea monster?

Andromeda was rescued from Perseus.

When were the chilean miners rescued?

the chilean miners were rescued on october 13th

How were the soldiers rescued at Dunkirk?

They were rescued by fleets over 800 vessels.

Who rescued Hephaestus?

Hephaestus was rescued by Thetis. She took him in as one of her own.

Leader who rescued the Jamestown colony?

leader who rescued the Jamestown colony

Are all the Chilean Miners rescued?

Yes, all of the miners have been rescued.

What Ship that rescued survivors of the Titanic?

The Carpathia rescued 705 survivors from the Titanic.

How many were rescued by boats on the titanic and how many were rescued from the sea?


What ship rescud the titanic?

No ships rescued Titanic but the survivors were rescued by Carpathia.

How many animals are rescued from abuse?

Well , there is MILLIONS and MILLIONS of animals rescued from abuse . It is estimated that 500 or more animals are rescued from abuse a week.

What are the release dates for Rescued Nation TV - 2011 Rescued Grant 1-13?

Rescued Nation TV - 2011 Rescued Grant 1-13 was released on: USA: 23 August 2011

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