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The dorsal fin.

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Q: What is the name of a sharks fin that sticks up out of the water?
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What is the name of the shark's fin that sticks up out of the water?


What is the name of a shark's fin that sticks up out of the water?


What does a sharks dorsal fin do?

The sharks dorsal fin allows it to turn and maneuver in the water.

What is the name of the fin at the end of the sharks body?

The Tail or Caudal fin.

What is a sharks appearance?

a big fish with a fin out of the water

What fin provides the powerful thrust propelling sharks to go forward in the water?

tail fin

What are some charactheristics about a shark?

Sharks have gills usually four or five. They also have a tail fin that sticks up and down. A dolphins tail fin goes side to side.

What are the world's fastest sharks?

Long fin and short fin mako sharks are the fastest swimming sharks.

Why does a shark swim with its fin above water?

Contrary to popular belief, sharks do not swim with their dorsal fin above water and if they do, it's a rare occasion. They generally stay mid-water or closer to the bottom. Hollywood and the media have characterized sharks swimming close to the top with their fin showing for dramatization.

Why do people fin sharks?

Shark fin soup!!!!!!!!!!!!

How much is a fin?

Sharks fin cost about 20,000 $$

Why do sharks show there pointy fin when they are up in the surface?

Well when sharks are up near the surface it automatically sticks out. Their fins are just pointy and it's not really on purpose. Although it can me useful because that way you know when there is a shark in the water and then you know to get out. I hope this helps and please recommend me!

Do sharks eat fin fish?

Some sharks do, yes.

How many fin do sharks have?

About 6

How can tell a dolphin and shark fin apart?

A dolphins fin is curved and a sharks fin is like a triangle.

How can you tell which is female or male with a black fin shark?

Most sharks that are male have a extra fin on their belly or they have a extra fin at the top. Sharks lay eggs and do not give live birth.

Do all sharks have a dorsal fin?

yes all sharks have dorsal fins

What is the sharks tail called?

the caudal fin

What are the sizes of a tiger sharks fin?


Why are whale sharks endagered?

because certain country's are polluting the water and finning them. while they serve there fins as an expensive delicacy. shark fin has no taste fin is a status food.

How do bull sharks move?

Bull sharks move by flipping their tail fin back and forth. This creates a considerable amount of force which allows them to rapidly move through the water.

How to catch sharks in Animal Crossing?

sharks are around form July to September, they are in the ocean, there will be fish with a fin sticking out of the water, but it could also be an ocean sunfish, or a hammerhead shark.

What does a sharks second dorsal fin do?

It helps them steer in the water more easily and makes it easier for them to glide through the water, therefore making them faster.

Where are sharks poached?

For their fins in shark fin soup.

What is the shape of a sharks caudal fin?

It is like a triangle