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The only binding form of post mortem "agreement" for distribution would be a will or a trust that addresses the property in question. Another way might be to include the "surviving siblings" as joint tenants in the deed with reservation of a life estate for the primary occupant (soon to become the decedent of your question), and addressing mineral rights in any specific way you want.

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Did Saint Monica have any siblings?

If Monica had any siblings, there is no surviving record of them.

Can siblings of a deceased person claim death benefits from children of the deceased?

No. In most jurisdictions in the US the siblings would have no standing if the decedent had children as survivors.

Who were Queen Elizabeth I siblings?

King Edward VI and Queen Mary I were her two surviving half-siblings. she had other siblings' half siblings, who died soon after birth, or stillborn.

How many siblings did Saint Patrick of Ireland have?

We have no surviving records that might indicate the names of any siblings Patrick may have had.

In New York does an entire estate always pass to the surviving spouse or can a will specify that it be split among the spouse and children?

1 Check with an atty Hopefully the decedent had a valid will 2 I was told by an atty for my fathers estate that the surviving spouse cannot be excluded from an estate however children can .Some parts of a persons estate will automatically go to the surviving spouse. It all depends on what in in their estate. Real Property , cash insurance stocks bonds etc , and each item is dealt with separately by law in NYS -I was also told that no matter what the will says if all heirs agree on a different settlement and petition the court for such agreement , the court will agree to the amended settlement.For example if there is a surviving spouse and 3 children and one child does not want their share of their inheritance for any reason (say they don't need/want the money for example) they can give their share to the other siblings and the surviving spouse to be shared . If the spouse and siblings agree they can all petition the court and the court will allow the declining child's share to be split up

How many siblings did Laura Ingalls Wilder have?

Mary, Carrie, and Grace were her surviving siblings. She also had a brother Freddy who died in infancy.

Can other siblings cut another sibling out of a single parents estate when there is no will in Alabama?

No. The estate will be divided according to the Alabama laws of intestate succession. Under Alabama law when there is no surviving spouse the issue of the decedent, if they are all of the same degree of kinship (children) to the decedent they take equally, but if of unequal degree, then those of more remote degree take by representation (children of a predeceased child will take their parent's share and then share it equally amongst themselves). See related link.

Who is the next of kin in South Carolina grandchildren or siblings?

If the decedent left no spouse, issue or parents then the siblings would be next in line. You can read the provisions of the intestacy statute of South Carolina at the link provided below.

Do popes have families?

Since most popes are quite elderly, most do not have surviving family members. Some may still have surviving siblings, however, as does Pope Francis who (as of 2015) has a surviving brother. of course, no pope has a wife or children.

Did Mozart have siblings?

Yes, he did. He had one surviving sister, Maria Anna Mozart, who later became a music teacher. He also had five siblings who died in infancy.

Did Saint Anne have any siblings?

Little is known about Saint Anne's life so it is unknown whether she had any siblings. There are no surviving records that might answer your question.

Did Mother Teresa have 3 siblings?

There were a total of five children in the family but only three survived. She had two surviving siblings, a sister and a brother - Aga and Lazar

When parents divorce and the father dies leaving no will who is heir to the estate?

The best way to find out for sure is to check the intestacy statutes in your state, and/or consult an estate attorney. Many (if not most) states give divorced spouses no legal rights to the estate of the decedent spouse, whether or not there is a will in place. The law would treat the surviving divorced spouse as though she had predeceased the deceased divorced spouse. If there is no will, then the intestacy statutes will determine who inherits the estate, but it will usually be the direct descendents (e.g. children and grandchildren) if any, followed by surviving parents, then surviving siblings, and so forth.

Who were Saint Anne's siblings?

If St. Anne had any brothers or sisters, there is no surviving historical document showing that.

How many of ted kennedy's siblings are still alive?

As of 2011, his last surviving sibling is Jean (1928-).

Who is still alive out of ted Kennedy's siblings?

As of 2011, Jean is his last surviving sibling. She was born in 1928.

Should all siblings be listed as joint tenants in California?

All siblings should be listed as joint tenants with the right of survivorship if your desire is that all siblings own the property and that upon death each sibling's interest would automatically pass to the surviving siblings.

What are the names of JFK's living siblings?

Jean Kennedy Smith is the only surviving sibling of John F Kennedy

How many of Pope Francis' siblings are still alive and what are they doing?

Of four siblings, the only surviving sibling of Pope Francis is a sister, Maria Elena, who still lives in Argentina.

Did Adolf Hitler have surviving siblings after world war 2?

Adolf Hitler had two surviving siblings: his half-brother Alos Hitler & His sister Paula Wolfe. As a side note to this question, Hitler had two nephews. One was captured at the Eastern Front & executed; the other eventually immigrated to the United States.

When my uncle died intestate in NJ with no children parents and unmarried but left surviving a brother and had a deceased sister does her 2 children inherit her share?

Generally, under the laws of intestacy, the siblings would take an equal share in the estate and the children of any sibling who predeceased the decedent. Laws vary from state to state. You can check your state laws of intestacy at the related question link provided below.

Is any of Laura ingalls wilders siblings still alive?

No. Laura was the last surviving member of her family, and she died in February of 1957.

Did Beethoven have a sister?

Maria Margaretha Josepha was one of Ludwig van Beethoven's sisters who died in infancy (in total 4 of his siblings died soon after birth). His brother Carl and Johann were his only surviving siblings.

Did Edward M Ted Kennedy have any surviving siblings?

** According to Associated Press There were 9 siblings and one survives: Jean Kennedy Smith

In land ownership does land pass to only blood relatives under right of survivorship?

If the land is titled as "right of survivorship" then it would mean that at least 2 people are owners of the property and when 1 of them dies the other(s) automatically own the deceased's share of the property.