What is the name of female gender?


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A male goose is a 'gander'

A female goose is a 'goose'.


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Ismail is a male gender name, even it is not an Arabic name but you can change it to female gender name, Ismaila.

There is no specific gender name for monkeys, both the male and female are called monkeys

Female dogs are called bitches.

Mare is the common name for female of horse.

This animal does not have a specific name for the indicated gender. For example, "female cheetah".

Gender: Female Origin: Hebrew Meaning: A Female Sheep

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses gender specific nouns for male or female.The gender noun for a male is manservant.The gender noun for a female is maidservant.

It is a female name, more commonly spelt Adela.

No they don't. The only way to tell Pokemon gender is by the gender sigh by its name

A cow is the female gender for a cow

JillianYouthfulGender: FemaleOrigin: Latin

This animal does not have a specific name for the indicated gender.

MonicaAdvisorGender: FemaleOrigin: Greek

CarissaBelovedGender: FemaleOrigin: Greek

The personal pronoun 'she' takes the place of a noun (or name) for a female.

Emily is a girl name, so a female.

The name of the animal is, "Pea fowl". The gender of the Pea cock is male, and Pea hen if the female.

This animal does not have a specific name for the indicated gender. For example, "female cheetah

English uses gender specific nouns for male, female, common gender (words that can be a male or a female), and neuter nouns (words for things that have no gender). Some examples are:Male gender: father, male parent.Female gender: mother, female parent.Common gender: parent.Neuter gender: relationship.Male gender: bull, adult male bovine.Female gender: cow, adult female bovine.Common gender: cattle, oxen, bison, and buffalo; types of bovine.Neuter gender: hamburger.

These are all the Baby Pokemon (as of November 2015), and the gender ratio for each:Azurill (Gender Ratio: Male 25% Female 75%)Bonsly (Gender Ratio: Male 50% Female 50%)Budew (Gender Ratio: Male 50% Female 50%)Chingling (Gender Ratio: Male 50% Female 50%)Cleffa (Gender Ratio: Male 25% Female 75%)Elekid (Gender Ratio: Male 75% Female 25%)Happiny (Gender Ratio: Male 0% Female 100%)Igglybuff (Gender Ratio: Male 25% Female 75%)Magby (Gender Ratio: Male 75% Female 25%)Mantyke (Gender Ratio: Male 50% Female 50%)Mime Jr. (Gender Ratio: Male 50% Female 50%)Munchlax (Gender Ratio: Male 87.5% Female 12.5%)Pichu (Gender Ratio: Male 50% Female 50%)Riolu (Gender Ratio: Male 87.5% Female 12.5%)Smoochum (Gender Ratio: Male 0% Female 100%)Togepi (Gender Ratio: Male 87.5% Female 12.5%)Tyrogue (Gender Ratio: Male 100% Female 0%)Wynaut (Gender Ratio: Male 50% Female 50%)

The name Lita means light. The gender is female and the origin is Latin.

The proper noun (name) Jackson is a common gender noun, a word for a male or a female.

Here are 3 examples:On the passport it said that his gender was female.The cat's gender is male.My horse's gender is female.

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