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What is the name of music in the black horse commercial?

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Answered 2007-11-24 19:46:16 the song is called The Piano - The heart asks Pleasure first, dont know who its by, sorry.

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The music in the power horse commercial was created by a commercial music company. It was created for the Pristiq commercial.

the best name for a black horse is Majestic

My black mare is named Lady. Midnight is a good name for a black horse

A brown horse that is nearly black is either referred to as a dark bay or a brown horse.

What is the name of the piano music played in the Expedia-Safari Television Commercial

The Black Stallion's owner calls him Black or The Black

He rides a white horse with black spots. His name is Amerigo. He rides a white horse with black spots. His name is Amerigo.

The song was created especially for the Pristiq commercial by a commercial music production company called Hidden Tiger Music. It was composed and produced by Gregg Fine. It is a fantastic piece.

black and shetan, but his real name was Cass Ole'

the horse is cute and his name is borris, you cann se himm at

He was always referred to as either Black or The Black.

well- the horse had many names in the move- first it was called blackie, then beauty then Jack then Black Beauty. but if you mean what was the name of the horse that played him was docs keeping time. he also played the black in the adventures of the black stallion and gulliver in the horse whisperer.

a good name for a black and white horse is Oreo

Because Immanuel addebayor is black and black people have horse power

Alec called him "black" but his original owners called him Shetan which means devil in ArabicThe name of the horse in the Black Stallion is The Black. His original name given to him by his original owner was "Shetan" (devil).

ummm.... you could name a black horse alot of names like, shadow, dragon, thunder... i dont really know :)

Nelson was the name of George Washington's favorite horse. The horse was actually not black, but white. His nickname was Old Onzie.

The Highwayman, Dick Turpin's horse was named Black Bess.

I'm not sure it has a name other than, "Music for the Acela Amtrak Commercial." The composer was Jon Wygens, who lives in London. He is a composer with Siblings Music in New York. The music was "composed to picture," meaning it's always been just as long as the longer. JetJock

In Walter Farley's books about The Black Stallion, the horse is actually named The Black. Before The Black was shipwrecked, he was known as Shaitan (Arabic for Satan).

Although this may not be the "Black Bess" you're thinking of, the highwayman Dick Turpin had a horse by this name.

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