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What is the name of people who created television?

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No, as the television was created in 1911.

The Name of the Game - TV series - was created on 1968-09-20.

My Name Is Barbra - TV special - was created on 1965-04-28.

Beautiful People - UK TV series - was created on 2008-10-02.

In the Name of the People - 2000 TV is rated/received certificates of: Germany:12

TV or Not TV was created in 1973-02.

they name them after the people who lets say created or invented them

TVS Television Network was created in 1965.

in 2008 the television was created

Out There TV was created in 2001.

On the Television was created in 1990.

WE tv was created in 1997.

The television was invented by a number of people, who created various elements of it, but the first working demonstration of the television as we think of it now was given by John Logie Baird on the 26th January 1926

.tv was created in 1996.

I-Television was created in 1992.

WILL-TV was created in 1955.

Me-TV was created in 2010.

ON-TV was created in 1977.

Patra TV was created in 199#.

Sadhna TV was created in 2003.

WCKN Television was created in 1970.

PRISA TV was created in 1989.

Haq TV was created in 2008.

Fairchild TV was created in 1997.

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