What is the name of the Moving platforms used by camera operators?

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Dolly is the moving platforms used by the camera operators. Moving shots is the most famous while we shoot in the cinema or any other live incident on road or at any location. It is a solid base for the photographers which help them in focusing all the characters of the area they are shooting.
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What is a platform balance and how is it used?

A platform balance is an instrument to weigh things. From Answers.com (see link to the left): The platform balance is a form of equal-arm balance in which twoflat platforms are attached to the top side of the beam, one ateach end. Such a balance has a rider, or weight, mounted on a barthat has a ( Full Answer )

Why was a camera named 'camera'?

The name derives from "Camera Obscura" or "dark chamber" which referred to the original form that consisted of a room with a very small opening in the wall through which an inverted image of the scene outside was projected onto the wall opposite the opening. Over time, the room evolved into a portab ( Full Answer )

What was the name of the first camera to use rolled film?

It was the first of the Kodak cameras, dating from 1888. As far as I know it was simply called the Kodak camera. It was a box camera loaded with enough roll film for 100 exposures. In the very early days one coudln't change the film oneself. One had to send the camera to the Kodak Company (in Roch ( Full Answer )

What does a camera operator do?

what a camera operator actually does, they film at a studio and can film anything else really!! but they also film on the TV and you could probably see them if you look carefully!

What is the use of a platform balance?

A platform balance is used to weigh things. Use the links to discover more information and to see images of the device. Platform Balance is an instrument to weigh things platform balance- is used to weigh things.

How much does a camera operator earn?

Depends on the industry in which the camera operator is operating. And skill level can not be discounted. Is he filming a movie for some great director, taking pictures of kids at a mall store, creating works of art through photography, pushing the camera around the set of a TV station to film the w ( Full Answer )

How did the First Kodak Camera operate?

The first Kodak camera was a box camera with a mechanical shutter. The shutter speed and aperture were fixed. Usable in daylight only, it was sold pre-loaded with enough black and white film for 100 exposures. After the film was exposed, the whole camera was returned to the Kodak company in Rocheste ( Full Answer )

What is assistant camera operator?

A technical person who assists the camera operator, prepares equipment, keeps dope sheets and manages the media for a production.

What are the benefits of being a camera operator?

You get the capture and take credit for things that are seen through that camera especially when it comes to reality tv or filming live events. Also the perks of working on a movie/film/tv set is very wicked. It's not like being the director or anyone with power but it sure is a chill chill j ( Full Answer )

How do you use platform in a sentence?

A base, as a standing or supporting surface, usually raised. It is also used metaphorically for a primary political position in an election campaign. Example : "The speaker mounted the platform." Example : "In 1968, the Democrats adopted an anti-war platform."

Education required to be a camera operator?

To work as a camera operator, you must: . have a high school diploma or GED; . have training in videography; . have good eyesight; . be able to hold a camera for long periods; . have an eye for detail; and . be creative.

What operating systems are compatible for the different platforms of computer?

Depends on what kind of hardware you are starting out with first off. If you have a macbook or powerbook, you can run Mac OS X with no issues. If its a powerbook, you're pretty much stuck there unless you want to try ppc Linux which I've never been fond of. If its a macbook (has an Intel processor) ( Full Answer )

What is trusted platform module used for?

Platform Integrity The primary scope of a TPM (in combination with other TCG implementations) is to assure the integrity of a platform. In this context "integrity" means "behave as intended" and a "platform" is generically any computer platform - not limited to PCs or just Windows: Start the power- ( Full Answer )

Uses of platform balance?

A platform balance is used to weigh things. Use the links to discover more information and to see images of the device. Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_use_of_a_platform_balance#ixzz1xlWEZoVP

What platform does the operating system run?

The operating system is a platform itself. There are many sub-platforms, such as .NET in Windows, which includes WinForms, WPF and maybe more. A better question would be "What platform does .NET run on?" or "What platform does MFC run on?" Both of these questions are noobish, though, but they are be ( Full Answer )

How do scanners and digital cameras operate?

A scanner or digital camera can digitize a picture by converting dark and light areas of a graphic to dots or pixels using a charge-coupled device. File sizes can be reduced by saving graphics

Why is a blimp useful as a platform for camera s for sporting events?

The aerial video provided by a mounted camera on a blimp gives the audience watching from home the opportunity to see more than just in stadium shots. It gives the production team the option to integrate the city and its landmarks into the game thus connecting the fan at home with the fans in the st ( Full Answer )

What was the first platforming game in the US?

I think that that would be Pong, and I think that is the oldest computer game in the world, not just the US. Back then there weren't any platforms like the XBox or PlayStation.

Which is the major platform used in websites?

Websites use a variety of programming languages, although HTML and Visual Basic are used the most. HTML is used to design the basic skeleton of the website and Visual Basic adds interactivity like buttons and checkboxes and such.

What platforms can you use Documents To Go on?

Extensive research has shown that Documents To Go is available on platforms for Android as well as Apple products such as the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

What are the best platforms to use on your PC?

The Java platform looks like it might be useful for a PC. There are also operating system platforms, such as Linux and Microsoft Windows. Wintel is also a fairly well-known platform. Wikipedia has an almost complete listing for different types of platforms for PCs.

What are futures trading platforms used for?

Futures trading platforms are used for the ultimate customization in suiting different experienced trading styles. Generally, they are used to enable the global electronic trading market.

What is electronic platform trading used for?

Electronic trading platforms stream market prices live and allow the use of additional tools for trading. The electronis trading platform allows access to the trade market from any location.

What is an FX trading platform used for?

An FX trading platform is a type of software which helps currency traders analyze Forex trading and execute trades. These platforms provide charts and other information useful for this type of work.

What platform does Testking use?

The platform used by the Testking website is Linux. It has been using Linux for about one year now. Prior to using Linux, it ran on windows. Linux is a popular platform for many websites.

What are the names of some single use cameras?

There are many brands of single use cameras available on the market, though their popularity is dying out. Some examples of these brands include KODAK and Fujifilm.

What is a vibration platform used for?

Vibration platforms are used in gyms, homes and some clinical environments. There is much dispute as to weather or not this product really does provide the user with the proper exercise needed on a daily basis.

What console platform has Bust a move been on?

Bust-a-Move or Puzzle Bobble as it is known in Japan was released on several different platforms. These are the Nintendo 64, the GameBoy Advanced, the Nintendo DS, the GameCube, the Playstations One and Two, the XBox and the XBox 360.

What should you use to compile a C program on many different platforms - computer CPU'S and operating system?

To write C code to cater for different target platforms we use acombination of C standard library code, conditional compilation.All C standard library code is cross platform and we should use itas much as possible. All third-party libraries should be as genericas possible. If we must use system-spec ( Full Answer )