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During the "Third Reich" from early 1930's up to the end of the second world war the army was called the "Wehrmacht"


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The Nazi party was in power in Germany during WWII and the Holocaust.

Germany's name never changed during the Holocaust.

This is the name given to the grouping of countries including primarily Germany, Japan and Italy which were opposed to the Allied forces.

A work camp during the holocaust was the code name for a Jewish resistanse camp.

The largest of the death camps during the holocaust was Auschwitz, in Poland.

The 3 Countries which formed the Axis was Nazi Germany,Italy and Japan. During the Holocaust many countries joined; France, Holland and the Ukraine to name a few.

they made many illegal newspapers (or newssheets) during the Holocaust.

Poland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Russia, want more?

Berlin, the German capital, though he did have a mountain retreat. Hitler, of course, did not think of that time as 'The Holocaust', which is the name given to that time by Jews. Hitler was trying to make most of the world subservient to Nazi Germany, partly by genocide of the Jews.

The name of the US army military base in Swinefort Germany is called the Army Garrison Schweinfurt.

look for their name in the party membership.

Here are the name of the Major Concentrations in Poland during the Holocaust:AuschwitzBelzecChelmnoMajdanekSobiborWarsaw

this name was given to the annihilation of the Jewish people during WW ll

One name of a person is " Himmler" or " Hitler" as well, if you're looking for an answer of a place during the holocaust then try " Auschwitz" or "Dachau" Hope this helped.

The best known name for the people carrying the corpses in the Holocaust is the Sonderkommando. These were the workers in Auschwitz, they were not all Jews though.

Like in jail, they didn't use their name, their number (the tattoo) was their name

Confederate army was the name. They were also called Rebels too.

During his rule, Hitler called Germany "The Thousand Year Reich."

It is called the Holocaust, when Nazi Germany executed 600,000,000 Jews. The Germans did not name it that, that is what the event was given for a name for what Adolf Hitler did.

Yes, the Holocaust is an appropriate name for that event.

You might be thinking of the word "Shoah", which is the Hebrew word for it. "Holocaust" is an English word.

The Allies and the Axis. America was on the side of the Allies. Nazi Germany was on the side of the Axis.

The Hebrew name for father is Abba if that helps

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