What is the name of the boy from The Boy Who Cried Wolf?

Like the mediebal (Everyman) often writers dealing with expendable characters sought like modern accident acutuaries ( 40% more likely to have a fatal crash ) used anonymity as a sort of shielding device. Characters who are expended in stories usually have no name and only the barest minimum of physical description, a similar case of what the French call (Un Heros anonyme) or rather heroine can be found in the case of the Little Match Girl, all of the focus is on her predicament, she is evidentally beyond conversation or communications. There are two cases of expendable solitary characters- anonymous. On the other hand Peter and the Wolf is a sort of operetta about a young man (we know his name is Peter) and his encounter with a Wolf which evidentally comes out okay for Pete, if not the animal, he is seen wearing an army-pattern garrison hat and carrying a gun afield Maybe his old man was game warden. The music was by Prokokiev the noted Russian composer who also gave us(March of the Kings) that fine Epiphany, but the cry-wolf boy, like the Little Match Girl- is nameless.

His name was Pedro/pablo
Peter, Andy, Pisat, Makaly.