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The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Who is the protaganist in the boy who cried wolf?


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The protagonist is the boy.


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The boy is killed by the wolf.

It is shown that the boy was killed by the wolf.

The boy was board so he cried wolf wolf to see everyone come he liked it but the other did not when there was a real wolf the other people did not belive it from the last times he cried wolf.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf is one the ancient fables attributed to Aesop. No manuscripts by Aesop exist and there are many versions of "Aesop's fables."Tony Ross

The wolf wanted to eat the sheep.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf tries to teach to small children not to lie and not to joke about something serious.

The cast of Boy Cried Wolf - 2013 includes: Dominic West as Hughie

The boy and the people of the village who he tells of a wolf and finally the wolf

The Boy Who Cried Wolf or The Story of a Boy Scout - 1917 was released on: USA: 17 May 1917

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

to be quick the story of the boy who cried wolf means if you lie alot no1 will belive any thing you say!

No. In the story, the boy and his sheep are killed by the wolf because the boy called wolf so many times when there was no wolf that when a wolf did come, nobody thought there was a wolf.

He did not have a name in the story, they just called him boy

Most likely a Timber Wolf, based on the location of the story.

The theme of The Boy Who Cried Wolf not to lie, or people will not trust you when you need help. AND The other theme of The Boy Who Cried Wolf is Nobody believes a liar ... even when he's telling the truth! AND The Moral of the story is that you should never lie, never-ever-ever.. 8l.

Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs, The Three Bears, and Hansel and Gretel are similar to the story, The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

the ant and the dove, the boy cried wolf

this fable is not found in the bible

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