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What is the name of the bunny girl in Final Fantasy?

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I believe it could be FRAN (playable character, long hair) , MJRN (younger sister, shorter hair) or JOTE (older sister, leader of Eruyt Village, medium cut hair) (in Final Fantasy XII).

They are VIERA, who are bunny like people. Shara (in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance) is also a Viera, but probably not who you're after.

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What are the girl characters in the Final Fantasy series?

Well, I don't know which Final Fantasy you want so I'll name a few. Final Fantasy 7- Yuffie, Tifa, Aeris, Marlene, Elaina, Lucretcia Final Fantasy 10- Yuna, Lulu, Rikku, Final Fantasy X-2- Yuna, Rikku, Paine, LeBlanc Final Fantasy XII- Ashe, Penelo, Fran

What is name of final fantasty girl?

I don't know what you mean specifically but in final fantasy 7, there is Aerith, Tifa, and Yuffie.

Is Final Fantasy 14 really a Final Fantasy game or does it just have the name Final Fantasy?

Final Fantasy 14 is another Final Fantasy. It isn't your normal FF like 1-10, 12, 13. It is more like 11, an online mmorpg

What Final Fantasy games have female leads?

Final Fantasy XIII a.k.a Final Fantasy 13 also FFXIII or FF13 have a female leads name Lighting

Is the fantasy final?

When Square Soft created the first final fantasy, they were going bankrupt; hence the name 'final' fantasy. The game was such a hit that the company made it out of bankruptcy and continued the series.

How did the game Final Fantasy get its name?

A common question, the answer is very simple; SquareSoft was going bankrupt and the first Final Fantasy was to be their last game, it was to be their final fantasy game. as we all know, they did not go bankrupt, Final Fantasy saved them.Signed,Phoenix

What is the name for the first name of final fantasy on ds?


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What is the females name in Final Fantasy 13 versus?

The main female character in Final Fantasy Versus XIII is named Stella.

What is the knight name in Final Fantasy 9?


In Final Fantasy X what is Tidus' last name?

They never tell you his last name. The characters in Final Fantasy X are only given their first names.

What is the name of Yuna's father in Final Fantasy X?

His name is Braska.

With is the fiower girls name in final fantasy 7?

Her name is Aeris

What is the name of thumpers girl friend?

Thumpers girl friend's name is "Miss Bunny".

What is the name of the intro song in final fantasy sonic x epsiode 3?

Final Fantasy Sonic X- Episode 6 Intro

Why do they call Final Fantasy 'Final' Fantasy if there's more than one?

When the first one came out, it was the developer's expected last game, hence his 'final' fantasy. It turned out the game was a hit, and more were made, but they kept the name.

In Final Fantasy X what is Wakka's last name?

There is no place in Final Fantasy X or X-2 that says he has a last name. In fact, no one seems too have one.

In Final Fantasy X what is Rikku's last name?

Rikku does not have a last name.

What is last name of cloud in Final Fantasy?

Cloud's last name is Strife

Final Fantasy Renos last name?

Reno's last name is Sinclair

What is that name in Final Fantasy sonic x2?

be more specific

What is the name of a summoner on Final Fantasy 6?

Terra Brandford

What is Lightning's real name in Final Fantasy 13?


What is the girls name with the pink bow in Final Fantasy?

That would be the beautiful Aerith Gainsborough, one of Final Fantasy VII's very memorable heroines.

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