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Jackrabbits live in all the deserts of North America:Mojave Desert

Sonoran Desert

Chihuahuan Desert

Great Basin Desert

Colorado Plateau Desert


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Jackrabbits live in all the North American deserts as well as in the grasslands.

Jackrabbits live in all the major deserts of North America.

Jackrabbits live in areas with shrubs in the desert. They also hide under grasses or vegetation and prefer the shade.

Yes. Jackrabbits live in the desert region of California. They live in these deserts: Mojave, Yuha, Sonoran, Colorado, and Low Desert.

Jackrabbits can be found in grasslands and prairies across the United States.

Jackrabbits live in all the North American deserts - hot deserts and cold winter deserts.

They live in the desert so they eat hardy grasses, and they feed off of other plants as well.and other jackrabbits such as the white tail jackrabbit live in Washington and eat grass.

Jackrabbits in the desert eat hardy grasses and some shrubs.

Jackrabbits are found in the desert as well as in a number of other habitats.

Jackrabbits are found in North America and not in Africa. Therefore there are no jackrabbits in the Sahara.

Yes, jackrabbits are quite common in North American Deserts.

No, jackrabbits are natives to North America and not to the Sahara.

Yes, jackrabbits are found in the deserts of North America.

Jackrabbits, as with most animals, do not have a concept of love and hate. These rabbits have been at home for tens of thousands of years in the desert and they know no other environment. To them it is simply where they live, their entire world.

desert biomes are deserts that can be hot and cold and have specific animals and plants that can live there like cactus, camels and jackrabbits

All of them live in deserts except for reindeer. Reindeer are animals of the tundra.

Nothing! Jackrabbits are from North America and not found in the Sahara.

Jackrabbits are able to survive in the desert by needing very little water. They also try to stay out of the sun and forage at night.

Jackrabbits live in all the major deserts of North America.

they live in many different countries, in north America they live in tall grasses and meadows

Yes, there are 'bunnies' in the Sonoran Desert - cottontails and jackrabbits.

Jackrabbits eat grasses and other plants in the desert.

a jack rabbit lives in the desert

To Name a Few- * Coyotes * Jackrabbits * Gila monsters (it's a kind of lizard) * Tarantula * scorpians * cactus wren * bats * various lizards

Different breeds of rabbits live in both hot and cold climates. There are bunnies in the artic and jackrabbits in desert regions.

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