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What is the name of the disease that CSIRO released in 1950 to control rabbit plagues?

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The Rabbit plague was in Australia and the disease was known as "Calicivirus Disease."

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What do you do for an outdoor rabbit that has just given brith?

bring ur rabbit in sie or the babies can get a disease bring ur rabbit in sie or the babies can get a disease bring ur rabbit in sie or the babies can get a disease bring ur rabbit in sie or the babies can get a disease

Can you get a disease of a rabbit?

No you can't

Can rabbit get a disease?


What is antidisenstablishmentaryism?

a deadly virus that kills all Mexicans (released to control mass rabbit orgies)

How does a rabbit act when it has rabbit fever?

Rabbit Fever is a deadly disease that requires immediate hospitalization.

What are the advantages of Rabbit calicivirus disease?

Advantages of the rabbit calicivirus areit kills the rabbits

If a rabbit has aids will it give you the disease when you pat it?

When was Rabbit Hole released?

Rabbit Hole was released on 12/17/2010.

Was myxomatosis introduced and if so why?

Myxomatosis - was a man-made disease introduced into the wild rabbit population - to control their numbers more effectively than shooting or trapping.

Where can you find a computer game on warriors?

what is the name of the rabbit disease

When was Rabbit-Proof Fence released?

Rabbit-Proof Fence was released on 11/29/2002.

When was Wallace and gromit the curse of they were rabbit released?

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit was released 7 October 2005 .

Animals affected by the disease myxomatosis?

rabbit,horses,deer and sheep

Can a rabbit die if the cage does not get cleaned?

definitely. Disease thrives in waste

What disease was introduced to control rabbits in the 1950's?

Myxomatosis (sometimes shortened to "myxi" or "myxo") is a disease which affects rabbits. It is caused by the Myxoma virus. First observed in Uruguay in the late 1800s. It was introduced illegally to Egypt in 1842 and as a result spread to the rest of Africa. It was deliberately introduced into Australia in 1950 in an attempt to control rabbit infestation and population there; see rabbits in Australia. It was also deliberately introduced in the UK to try and reduce the rabbit population after World War II.

Your rabbit seems to have trouble with back legs?

Your rabbit probably has a broken back. it causes loss of function in the hind legs followed by lack of bladder control and bowel control. You should probably put the rabbit down before it suffers that much.

How the following factors can cause disease in a rabbit like strees poor nutrition over crowding environmental conditions etc?

An environmental condition could be lack of protection from mosquitoes. My rabbit died from myxametosis (disease that is spread by mosquitoes).

Does the cottontail rabbit have any disease?

Many diseases can affect all pets. Myxamitosis is the most well known rabbit disease, fatal if caught, but i would be surprised to find this in a pet. Even in the wild i think it was mostly eradicated.xx

The episode when it was rabbit season and duck and season with Bugs Bunny?

Rabbit Fire, released in 1951.

Does a rabbit carry any disease?

Yes they can. it depends a lot on what country your from on what kind of diseases.

Can plankton and krill spread disease to bigger sea mammals?

no go eat a rabbit

What is the value of the bobcat to its environment?

They help to control the rodent and rabbit populations.

How long do pet rabbits live?

It depends on the breed, health, and how well you take care of the rabbit. The average rabbit lifespan is seven to nine years, but some breeds live longer than others. For example, the average Tan lives for five to seven years, but the average Thrianta lives from seven to ten years. And, obviously, if you do not take proper care of your rabbit or if the rabbit has a disease or his immune system has been weakened by a past disease, the rabbit will not live as long.

Can humans get myxomatosis if they've been in contact with an infected rabbit?

No, humans can't get myxomatosis, but they can spread the disease from one rabbit to another - you can prevent this by washing and changing clothes.

Do I need to be concerned about health issues or disease being passed to humans from the lionhead rabbit?


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