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In the movie "Underdog" he falls in love with the cocker spaniel Polly Purebred

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Q: What is the name of the dog Underdog falls in love with?
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Name of actor dog in Underdog movie?

Jason Lee as Shoeshine / Underdog .

What is the name of actor dog in Underdog movie?

Jason Lee as Shoeshine/Underdog .

Underdog the movie what bred of dog is underdog?

under dog is a beagle

What is the Latin name for a 'dog'?

CanisThus, a fan of the underdog would be an infracaninophile

Why is underdog called underdog not undercat?

Underdog , the "humble and lovable" dog , was a parody of Superman .

What is the dog's name with the red cape?

Underdog? Krypto the Superdog, from DC Comics?

What is the name of the classic cartoon dog that in the movie The Mask is playing on his TV?


What kind of dog is underdog?

A beagle :)

What kind of dog was Underdog?

Beagle .

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What kind of a beagle is underdog?

In the movie, Underdog , the beagle, Shoe Shine, is a lemon beagle. They get that name from the light yellowish fur on their back. The cartoon underdog is although just a cartoon and was not meant to be a specific kind of dog.

What kind of dog is the one from underdog?


What breed of dog was underdog?

Well he is a English beagle !!

Which syllable in underdog is accented?


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Underdog is a cartoon dog. He begins with the letter U.

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There are three: un-der-dog.

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doggone doghouse dogfish underdog

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Max! I love that dog.

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A dog I don't know ( sorry that's all I can say ) :p

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"Brandon." She mentions in the episode "Henry Falls in Love" that he was named after "Marlo Brandon", unknowing that the star she named her dog after is really named "Marlon Brando."

How old is underdog?

in human age 9 in dog age 8.1

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Yes! If that is what you think fits your dog and you love the name, then it is a perfect name for your dog.

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Underdog to Wonderdog - 2009 Operation Baghdad Dog 2-6 was released on: USA: 13 February 2010

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Pluto, Goofy, Bolt, Underdog, Slinky