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Q: What is the name of the drug used to stop contractions in pregnant woman?
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The name of doctor for pregnant woman?


What is the name of the drug that made pregnant women's baby's deformed?


Name another way of saying that a woman is pregnant?

with child

What is the name of people who do ultrasounds on pregnant woman?

the people who do the ultrasounds for pregnant women are called ultrsonographers.

What is the name of the movie where this lady is the last pregnant women?

Julianne Moore Is Last Pregnant Woman On Earth

Can you name contractions with are?

There are several common contractions with "are" represented as "'re": we're, they're. you're.

What is the name of the muscular contractions that move the food throughout the digestive system?

"peristaltic contractions".

Is it safe to take acetaminophen when you are pregnant?

That is another name for paracetamol. It is considered as safe drug in pregnancy.

What are synonyms for involuntary contractions of muscles?

Fasiculations, twitches, contractures (if sustained), contractions, convulsions, seizures, myoclonus to name a few.

What is the medical term meaning uterine contractions?

Uterine contractions have the same name in medical terminology and lay language. The medical terminology combining form meaning uterine contractions is toco-.

My name is Selina and you think you are pregnant?

If you think you are pregnant, then buy a pregnancy test from a drug store. Read the directions carefully and take the test. If the test is positive or you continue to have signs you may be pregnant, then go see a doctor.

What is the name of the muscular contractions that breaks down food?

The intestines

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