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The earliest hurricane to strike the U.S. was Alma in northwest Florida on June 9, 1966.

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Q: What is the name of the earliest Hurricane to strike the US during any given season?
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What month is it most likely that a hurricane will strike north America?

The peak month of the Atlantic hurricane season, the one which affects the United States, is September.

When is it most likely that a Hurricane will strike North America?

Hurricanes are most likely to hit north America during hurricane season. (For the east coast, June 1st through November 30th) and that is also in state for the west coast.

Can lightning strike in the winter?

Yes, lightning can strike at any time during any season. This includes during a snowstorm.

Why wasn't the Stanley Cup not awarded after the 1918 season?

The players were on strike during the season.

What was the worst hurricane to strike the US?

hurricane sandy!

Can a hurricane strike in New York?

Yes, a hurricane can strike in New York and Hurricane Sandy struck there causing lots of damage.

When is the Atlantic hurricane season?

Hurricane season for the entire Atlantic Basin begins on June 1 and ends November 30. They are most common in August in September, and it is impossible to predict prior to the season where a hurricane will strike. Tropical storms have occurred in the Atlantic in every month of the year. The "season" is only defined as the period (spring to autumn) when they are most likely. Hurricane season on the Caribbean lasts from late May to early October.

What year was the Major League Baseball strike?

The players' strike that killed the World Series was during the 1994 season.

Where did hurricane Andrew strike?


Where in the world could a hurricane strike as bad as hurricane Katrina?


What is the name of the hurricane expected to strike Lake Lachrymose?

Hurricane herman

What was the only Atlantic hurricane to strike the US in 2011?

Hurricane Irene

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