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Tin. It comes from tin's Latin name: stannum.

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Q: What is the name of the element that is represented by the atomic symbol Sn?
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What is the name of the element that has the symbol U?

The element represented by the letter 'U' is uranium (atomic number 92).

What element has the element symbol Lr?

The element that is represented by the symbol Lr is called lawrencium. It has an atomic number of 103, and an atomic mass of 262.

What information is included in each square of the periodic table of elements?

Each column will generally have the symbol of the element (sometimes name of the element also), the atomic number, the mass number, the state in which the element is present at room temperature. Some periodic table will also have the electronic configuration or electronegativity.

What element is represented by symbol Mn?

Mn (element) is called Manganese and it is used for dyeing paints.

What is the element name for the element symbol K?

Potassium, with an Atomic Number of 19, is designated by the symbol 'K'.

Define what an element key contains?

An element key shows you the name of the element, its atomic number, its symbol, and its average atomic mass.

What is the name atomic symbol and group number of the element with Z15?

This element is phosphorus: symbol P, group 15.

A element box contains the name atomic number and what else?

Atomic Mass, and Symbol.

What information is listed in an element's square in the period table?

An element square consists of the element's name, symbol, atomic mass, and atomic number.

What information is listed in an element square in the periodic table?

An element square consists of the element's name, symbol, atomic mass, and atomic number.

What info can be found in a square on the periodic table?

You can find the Atomic Number, Atomic Mass, The Element symbol and Name and sometimes, the numbers of the electrons in each shell. (for a Bohr model)Also element symbol can be called atomic symbol.The information is the atomic number, also stands for how many electrons and protons there are in that element, also it tells what the atomic abbreviation is and the real name.Each square on the periodic table gives information about an element. On many printed periodic tables we can have atomic number, atomic weight and some other properties like melting and boiling points may also be included.the atomic number and the atomic mass. the atomic number tells you how many neutrons and electrons are in the atom, and the atomic mass tells you the combined amount of protons and neutrons and that element. there is also the symbol of the element, which is the symbol for it's name, and most tables provide the name of the elements.Most basic periodic tables contain four pieces of information for each element: the element's name, symbol, atomic number, and atomic mass. For example, the first element would have an "H", the name Hydrogen, a number 1, and a number 1.0079. H is hydrogen's symbol. The 1 is hydrogen's atomic number, which is the number of protons its nucleus. The 1.0079 is hydrogen's atomic mass.More detailed periodic tables may include number of valence electrons, electron configuration, electronegativity, ionization energy, and other properties.It varies depending on which table you use. A general table will give you the atomic number, element symbol, and atomic mass.The periodic table contains several pieces of information about each element. The element's square on the table includes its atomic symbol, atomic number, and atomic weight.Each square represents the name of the element, the atomic number, and the atomic mass of the element.

What does atomic mass number elements symbol elements name and atomic mass tell you about the element?

The element symbol represents one mole of element , atomic number represents number of protons, atomic mass represents sum of protons and neutrons.