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I'm not sure, but I think it was called Redstone.


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It's a grenade launcher - used by american military.

No such nomenclature. You're probably thinking of the Mk 13 Mod 0, which is a 40mm grenade launcher designed by Fabrique Nationale for use with the FN SCAR. The launcher itself is marketed as the GL1, and was designed for use with the FN-2000. Mk 13 Mod 0 is a USSOCOM nomenclature for a variant of the GL1, designed for use with the FN SCAR.

No, it is simple. A grenade launcher fires grenades, but a missile launcher fires missiles.

A tank-launcher-launcher is a ginormous bazooka-like weapon which launches a tank-launcher when fired. When this tank-launcher flies a certain distance (or is detonated), it launches a tank. This tank will then drive around for some time before firing a rocket-launcher-launcher from its cannon. This then fires a rocket launcher which fires a nuclear-warhead-launcher-launcher, which will launch a nuclear-warhead-launcher, which will launch a nuclear warhead.Effectively, this weapon will surely destroy a specific target. It is known to be a small-planet destroying, black hole creating, big bang forming weapon. They are typically found in toy stores.

American Guns - 2011 Avalanche Gun AR10 Grenade Launcher 2-3 was released on: USA: 9 May 2012

An M16A1 Assault rifle with underslung 39mm Smoothbore grenade launcher, with a quadrant rear sight and flip up ladder front sight for the launcher. A special custom made 39mm Launcher was made so that it would not fall under the same federal restrictions as a rifled 40mm grenade launcher would have. The Custom launcher was an early Hollywood copy of the famous M203 40mm Grenade launcher, used by the American military since the 1970s.

A launcher that launches muffins.

in Elysia find the satellite launcher, activate it and get on the top platform there is a secret entrance shaped in a o go through.

yes, you can use the string launcher for the grip

A bazooka is an American shoulder-held rocket launcher, or a primitive trombone with wide tubes.

Some do like the team gangan galaxy set it comes with a launcher grip and a ripcord launcher. You can do it

Mainly aircraft carriers, submarines and some frigates. Personally, I think that all classes of warships can carry nuclear weapon launchers in terms of placement. If a frigate can carry a nuclear missile launcher, a destroyer can do it as well. Of course, when a different class of warship is chosen to carry nuclear weapons, military enginners will study the best location to install the machine. In other words, there isn't a warship specially designed to carry such weapon launcher. Aircraft carriers and submarines are systematically equipped with those nuclear missile launchers due to their characteristics, specially super aircraft carriers.

Indus Launcher is the best Home launcher for Motorola.

The answer is no a rip cord launcher rips better than a string launcher because it appplies more force

Indus Launcher is the best launcher for android phone, with nice features. Add indus Launcher & stay updated with the latest content, trending news.

Saturn V WAS the best rocket launcher.

a bazooka is the same thing as a rocket launcher a bazooka is the same thing as a rocket launcher a bazooka is the same thing as a rocket launcher

Technically, no, not officially. There are skins that you can download to change the Rocket Launcher and/or the Greande Launcher.

The launcher app is what displays your home screen and application navigator. All versions of Android have some form of launcher app (Otherwise there would be no menu). The default launcher varies on the manufacturer though. There are alternative launchers though such as.. Nova Apex ADW Launcher Go Launcher And many more that you can find on Google Play.

Title:Universal aircraft rocket/missile launcher (UARML) and triple launcher adapter (TLA)Document Type and Number:United States Patent 5148734Link to this page: missile launcher system for use on fixed and rotary wing aircraft to carry, arm and launch missiles and rockets. The apparatus includes a retention unit a support beam, a positive stop, an electrical interface, and a triple launcher adapter with adjustable support arms. The triple launcher adapter (TLA) is designed to accommodate three different sizes of rockets or missiles at one time. The adjustable support arms of the TLA can be unbolted and moved in or out to compensate for the various rocket and missile sizes and shapes.

WWII & Korea had "Rifle Grenades" launched from the muzzle of their M1 Garand rifles. Vietnam was the first war in which specially designed "grenade launchers" were issued to the men. The M-79 Grenade Launcher was nicknamed the "Thumper" or the "Blooper" because that's the sound it made when fired. It was a break open (like a shotgun) single barrel, single shot 40mm grenade launcher (and not as effective as some historians seem to believe). In 1970 in Vietnam, the M-203 over and under grenade launcher was fielded. That was just as bad as the thumper, only worse: it was heavier because now the M16 rifle was attached to it and when you slid the front portion of the 40mm grenade barrel forward to load it, you had to keep the muzzle downward or else the whole round fell out of the weapon. he means muzzle upward

the puffle launcher game is in the pet shop! when you go in there, go to the cannon on the right! and there u go! there's Puffle Launcher!

a grenade launcher, a rocket launcher, a midi gun.

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