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What is the name of the force that joins the North Pole and South Pole?


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You might think of better or clearer ways to phrase the question. It sounds as if you are hinting at the earth's magnetic field, but the magnetic poles are not directly at the geographic poles. The magnetic poles move around quite a bit. You could say that gravity joins the north and south poles, but that is not quite it either. The "North Pole and South Pole" are really different views of one single thing. The earth's axis is a theoretical line which extends indefinitely northward into space and indefinitely southward into space from earth. We call the part of this line projecting out from earth to the north the north pole. Ditto south. Some people argue that you can go north (or south) only so far, and then your only option is to start going in the opposite direction. In fact, north keeps going and going, if you view things from a position that is not earth-bound.