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In the US, the government agency that checks drugs for safety and efficacy is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Other countries have their own, different, government agencies for this purpose.

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Q: What is the name of the government agency that checks drugs for safety?
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Why was the government agency called food and drug administration created?

To control the safety of food, drugs and cosmetics.

What does the government do as it enforces consumer-protection regulations?

Tests products such as drugs and automobiles for safety!1

Does environmental protection agency test their employees for drugs?

Every federal agency tests for drugs.

What can you do about a mother being on very bad drugs when it comes to a child?

Report her to your local law enforcement agency, social services gency or whatever agency of your state government charged with the child safety enforcement. However, be prepared to be able to produce proof of your allegation or you may be liable for filing false reports.

How did Theodore Roosevelt change the government's role regarding food and drugs?

For the first time, the government took responsibility for food and drug safety

What is one thing the government must do to enforce consumers-protection regulations?

Test new products for safety and effectiveness APEX

What does the government have to do to enforce consumer protection regulations?

oversee production test products such as drugs and automobiles for safety (APEX)

What is one thing the government does as it enforces consumer-protection regulations apex econ?

tests products such as drugs and automobiles for safety - apex

What agency conducts trials and approves new drugs?

U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires drug trials and approve or disapprove new drugs based on these trials, but they do not conduct the trials. The trials are conducted by the organization who sponsors the drug (wants it approved). This can be a pharmaceutical company or a government agency.

What is shop safety?

Dont do drugs

How do I Report trafficking drugs?

To your local law enforcement agency.

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