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Medusa was slain by Perseus according to most Greek mythologies.

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demigod son of zeus, killed medusa

In the movie- Logan Lerman In the Book- Perseus Jackson after the Greek hero that beheaded Medusa

Medusa means "queen" or "guardian".

Medusa is one of the three Gorgons. Medusa is already her real name.

1 - Medusa is her name, not a species. She was a gorgon.

Medusa is not a Latin name; it is Greek and it's meaning is "queen" or "guardian".

Romans used the name Medusa, Greeks used Medousa or Medouse: a name meaning "guardian" or "queen".

The name 'Medusa' would be appropriate for a type of cement, because Medusa, in Greek mythology, had the ability to turn people into stone if they looked her in the eyes. I suppose that stone is similar to cement, making it an appropriate name.

Percy Jacskon's real name is Perseus. It was named after the Greek Hero who slayed Medusa, the son of Zeus. However, the actor if Percy Jackson in the movie is Logan Lerman.

In book 11 of the Odyssey The Gorgon is mentioned, not the name of Medusa.

Medusa is the Latin/Roman equivalent to the Greek Medousa.

Medusa did not have a last name.

Medusa had no middle name.

medusa turned people into stone so yeah...

he was killed by the acilie sma name ravne the awesome st person on easrth

Athena the Greek goddess was a virgin goddess, she did not have a daughter named Medusa. Medusa was daughter of Keto and Phorcys or Gorgo.

The snakes Medusa had for hair did not have a name. They were just referred to as serpents and were poisonous.

Medusa did not have a middle name.

The name Medusa comes from the Greek "Médousa" which meant "guardian, protector". Most names in Greek mythology are related to what the person or story was about.

μέδουσα (medusa). That is its (hers) whole name.

Alexis is a term for neophyte for male and medusa for female. And fyi its not treskilion its triskelion

Medusa goes to Devil's Bayou to search for the Devil's Eye diamond.

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