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Low dosage Birth Control pills are usually a BCP which contains 35mcg or less of estrogen. The very low dose birth control pills are BCP hich contains 20mcg of estrogen. The ulatre low dose birth control pills are: Alesse Mircette The Low Dose birth control pills are: LoOvral Nordette Ortho-Cept Cyclessa Yasmin.

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Q: What is the name of the low dosage birth control pills?
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What do yasmin pills do?

Ysmin is a name for birth control. Yasmin is a name for birth control.a birth control pill

Can birth control pills make your hair fall out?

birth control pills don't basically do anything apart from what the name implies controls the rate of birth but if u are given a fake type of birth control pills it can actually do quite a number of damages to the hair

Is Femenal a kind of birth control pill?

its a brand name of a contraceptive pills.

What are the peach birth control pills for?

The color of the birth control pills varies from brand to brand. In some brands, the peach pills are the active pills, and in others, peach are the placebo pills. Contact your pharmacist for information specific to your brand, or post again with the name of the pill you're taking.

Does cipro affect birth control?

No. Some types of antibiotics interact poorly with birth control, but Cipro (the brand name of ciproflaxin) should be safe to take with birth control pills.

Where in Kuwait can you get birth control pills?

At any pharmacy. Just walk in and ask for it by name. However if you are underage they will not sell it to you.

Do pain pills affect the birth control pill?

Yes, although the estrogen can prevent the Tylenol from from working as effectively. You may not notice the difference. Just do not go over 4 g Tyelonol/day. Ibuprofen should be no problem. Hope this helps! Birth control pills or patches ARE a medication and so when in doubt all you need to do is phone a pharmacy, tell the name of your birth control pill and is it safe to take whatever medication you need. If you are suffering from headaches birth control pills/patches can cause this. I suggest you see your doctor.None that I know of.

What is the birth name of Jacques Pills?

Jacques Pills's birth name is Ren Jacques Ducos.

What is a contraceptive?

Contraceptives is a name for various products that can allow people to have sex w/o getting pregnant. A condom for instance will not only protect against pregnancy, but also against STDs.Contraceptives are birthcontrol pills.Contraceptives are synthetic hormones that are used as birth control. Contraceptives can come in the forms of; birth control pills,IUD's, patches, or even can be shots. Contraceptives commonly contain estrogen and progesterone, or even just progesterone.Birth control pills must be taken every day and at the same time everyday to keep birth control effective. Birth control is 99.9% effective to prevent pregnancy when taken properly.

What is the best pills brand name to prevent pregnancy?

There is no one best, most effective birth control pill. All of them are about equal in preventing pregnancy.

What is the name of the birth control ring?

The brand name of the vaginal ring for birth control is NuvaRing.

Can you get pregnant after birth control?

No, I wouldn't say so. The inactive pills are exactly as the name states. Inactive. They are basically sugar pills which are put into the packet to make way for your menstrual cycle. If you wanna have sex during the inactive pills I'd use some other means of contraception.

Can a 17 year old girl in Illinois get birth control pills without parents consent?

Hi my name is Xavier and the last time I checked you can get birth control at 17 without a parent because you are pretty much grown at this age, its just official at age 18. They have places like plan parenthood and other resource that provide birth control, condoms, and friendly conversation. If you are asking for yourself I am proud of you for wanting birth control, cause at your age I had gave birth to my first child!

What is another name for birth control?


What is the of pill name that can stop pregnancy?

Birth Control

What are the major side effects of birth control?

There are several side effects when taking birth control pills but I will name the most common. Nausea, vomiting, mood swings, weight gain and tiredness are very common but they are not dangerous. Some may experience shortness of breath or severe abdominal cramps which you should stop taking the pills immediately and contact there doctor. Depending on the method of birth control, side effects include a more painful period, weight gain, acne, a difference in mood. If not taken correctly or in conjuction with other meds such as antibiotics, pregnancy is still possible.

What is the name of the birth control that was discontinued it was inserted in your arm?


What is the name of the birth control inserted into your arm?

It's called "

What is the name for the permanent birth control mehod in female?


What information does the doctors office give the pharmacy when calling in a prescription?

Name date of birth allergies medication name dosage quantity directions prescribing doctor name&DEA# if needed

Is necon birth control more effective than loestrin birth control?

First, Necon and LoEstrin are brand names, and don't indicate the name of the pill. Second, there aren't many good studies comparing effectiveness of one pill against another. Interesting, isn't it, that the commercials for pills talk about other issues rather than pregnancy prevention!

What is the Pill?

The Pill is the name associated with the Contraceptive Birth Control Pill.

How can you get birth control cheap?

Get a generic pill instead of a brand name.

Is there any interactions by using illegal drug called shabu and Diane 35 pills?

Shabu is another name for methamphetamine. Diane 35 is a birth control pill containing the progestin cyproterone acetate and 35 micrograms of ethinylestradiol. There seem to be no risk of interactions between methamphetamine and any synthetic female hormones. You should avoid taking MAOI drugs with methamphetamine, and avoid smoking when taking birth control pills or other oral medications which contain some form of estrogen.

Why does missing birth control pills cause bleeding?

When taking birth control pills the bleeding you get each month is withdrawal bleeding and not a "regular" period that comes on its own. So when you miss a few pills the withdrawal from them starts up the bleeding. The steady hormones in the pill keep the uterine lining thin. When you skip the pill for a few days, the pill hormone levels go way down (it takes the body about 24 hrs to eliminate the hormones in one pill). This withdrawal of pill hormones destabilizes the uterine lining and you get spotting/bleeding [thus, the name: withdrawal bleeding].