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Like Route 1, 101 and 66 in the US, the Aussies also have a few legendary highways. No comprehensive plan for a National Highway system was put into place until 1974 when connectivity was finally worked out at a political level. Perhaps the first highway with a purpose in Australia was created during WWII to defend against potential Japanese Invasion. The Stuart Highway created a North-South route across the continent and deserves the title of the Main Highway. Other routes claim primacy and a few have genuine claims. Until you travel them and meet up with a road train. no concept of the Australian Highway System makes any sense at all. As a footnote, US Route 66 never went from coast to coast, It never went to either coast. It stopped short of the Pacific, and its Easternmost terminus was Chicago. So much for a claim to history.

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The main highway from Melbourne to Sydney, going the inland route, is the Hume Highway.

The Princes Highway is the main highway along the coastal route.

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Australia's longest road-Highway 1,East of Balladonia-about 90 miles of straight road

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  • Pacific Highway
  • Stuart Highway
  • Bruce Highway
  • Hume Highway
  • Princes Highway
  • Matilda Highway
  • Warrego Highway
  • Oxley Highway
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Q: What is the name of the main highway from Melbourne to Sydney?
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What is the name of the main highway between Melbourne and Sydney?

The main highway between Melbourne and Sydney is the Hume Highway, named after Australian-born explorer Hamilton Hume who, together with William Hovell, explored between the Yass Plains and Port Phillip Bay in 1824.

What is a name of one highway in sydney?

The Great Western Highway.

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There is currently no Cardinal in Melbourne. The only Australian Cardinal is George Cardinal Pell, Archbishop of Sydney. The Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne is Denis Hart.

What is the name of sydney airport?

Sydney Airport OR Sydney Kingsford-Smith Airport

What are some Australian cites?

Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Freemantle, Adelaide, Newcastle, Brisbane, Gladstone to name a few.

What is the name of Sydney's main dam?

Warragamba Dam

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There are many but the main ones are the Sydney Morning Herald and the Daily Telegraph.

Name the main railway station in sydney?

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What is the name of the north island nz highway?

The main highway that runs the length of the island is called State Highway 1.

What is the name of an Australian city?

Our most important cities are Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart and our capital city is Canberra.

What is the name of main river of Victoria?

Victoria is the Murray river which separates Victoria and NSW. The main one in Melbourne is the Yarra.