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MovieI believe it is White Noise.

gloomy sunday

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How did Harry Nillson die?

He was listening to music and then he died peacefully in his chair

What was Amy winehouse doing when she died?

According to her bodyguard she was laughing, listening to music, & watching television.

What hotel in New Orleans is haunted with country music?

Reportedly the St. Ives hotel is haunted with country music of an man from missouri who died of a heart-attack listening to country music.

Did music died?

GOOD music to most older people arguably died at the turn of the century

Im 11 and i really miss someone that died and he was 22 and a friend what do i do?

I'm 11 too. My friend and her cuz died in a car crash. Listening to music and praying helped me.Hope i helped! :^)

How does age affect a persons perspective on music?

well it tends on what year of music you were listening to when you were a kid... and also what is related to your kind of favorite music. like if you liked the Jackson five then you would listen to Micheal Jackson. or since he died you would listen to Bruno mars.

How many people died in jaws 2?

Nobody died. It's a movie.

How many people died in Saving Private Ryan?

They say the body count was 206. Body count does not refer (in the movie world) to how many people ACTUALLY died, it's how many people were portrayed as dead (just acted like they were dead for the movie). If that many people died in the movie the filmmakers would be sued and that movie would not have been aired.

How many people died in the movie Expendables?


How many people died in the movie safe?


How many people cried when michael jackson died?

There is noway of knowing how many people cried. im guessing half the world cried when he died music died

How many people died in and on the titanic?

16,000 people died on titanic and only 6 survived. the movie is really sad #sniffels!

How did people feel when Michael Jackson died?

A lot of people felt that music died when the news announced of his sudden death. No one expected that he will die on that day.

How did black death affect music?

well i think that when people in thoses days played music it probly made then think about the black death and about how many people died because of it.

What type of music did people listen to in the 60s?

Pretty much the same as now. Some of the artists then have since died, but their music is still popular.

What was Michael Jackson's work?

Dancing, music, and acting. he realy mostly did singing untill they made a movie on him before he died.

How many people died in the movie wrong turn 2?

I watched the movie before... all people die except for 2 people Nina and Jake didn't die.

Does the guy in Paranormal Activity movie really die?

No. The movie is completely fiction. The people in the movie are fictional characters. No one actually died.

What music events happened in 1997?

The Boston Massacre 5 people died of a horrible song.

What is the history of gospel music?

gospel music history is when beyince sis had in dream girl did 1843 and protested for all the black people and had died protesting ..

How many people died in the movie Taken due to Liam Neeson?


Where did michaele Jackson die?

michaele jackson died at his confrence that millions of people went to especilly his music producers and people like that

What is the film where everyone disappears unless they died at that exact moment?

In the movie The Langoliers, people died and disappeared if they were not asleep on the airplane. Is this your answer?

Did the people in the Titanic die like kate and dawson from the movie?

Yes, people really died in the real titanic

When was The Music That Died Alone created?

The Music That Died Alone was created on 2003-10-07.