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Marine One The president does not have a specific helicopter.

However as soon as he boards, any US government aircraft regardless of type, it automaticlly becomes designated as "Air force one" The president actually has a whole Marine Helicopter Squadron dedicated to his disposal. It is designated HMX. HMX-1 a sikorsky H-3 is Marine One. If the president gets on any helicopter piloted by Marines it becomes Marine One. So if Honorable Mr. Obama was to get on my CH-53E that I crew chief on... you guessed it... it becomes Marine One. This is correct with the exception that if that aircraft is flying to meet the president it flies under its regular call sign


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The president does not have a specific helicopter.However as soon as he boards, any US government aircraft regardless of type, it automaticlly becomes designated as "Air force one"ANS 2- The Presidents helicopter is supplied by USMC Squadron HMX-1, and is known as "Marine One " while the President is aboard.

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