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What is the name of the person who invented the helicopter?

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Igor Sikorski invented the first practical flying helicopter.

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I am wondering where was helicopter invented?

Igor Sikorski, a Russian born American, invented the first practical helicopter.

Nobody invented the helicopter in 1918

An engineer, Igor Sikorski, invented the helicopter.

No African American invented the helicopter. The first practical helicopter was invented by Igor Sikorski, a Russian American.

Igor Sikorsky invented the first practical helicopter around 1940

Igor Sikorsky invented the helicopter.

J. T awston invented the helicopter (black male)

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That is Igor Sikorski, and he was in his 40 's when he invented the first practical helicopter.

Igor Sikorski perfected helicopter hovering

Igor Sikorski invented helicopter in the year 1906.

The helicopter was first used as a troop transport.

Its Sachin Tendulker who invented the Helicoptershot.

The first practical helicopter was invented about 1942

Igor Sikorsky invented the first practical helicopter

The Huey (UH-1, originally HU-1 [hence the "Huey" name]) helicopter is designed and built by the Bell Aircraft Corporation which is now called Bell Helicopter Textron.

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The first helicopter was made by Igor Sikorsky in Connecticut

No. The submarine came about long before the helicopter.

In the 1400's Leonardo invented the "idea" of a helicopter. In 1906 Paul Cornu got a helicopter to hover 3 feet off the ground, but it would not go anywhere. In the 1940's Igor Sikorsky invented a helicopter that would safely fly and hover.

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Sir Edmund pierce Jacquier first invented the single rotor helicopter in the year 1989.

Igor Skikorsky did. If you want more info, follow the link...

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