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Igor Sikorsky invented the helicopter.

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Q: Who was the inventor of helicopter?
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Who is the inventor of the Huey helicopter?

The inventor of the Huey helicopter is Connor Lucas, who first introduced the idea to Bell Helicopter company; a company of which still is very prosperous today.

Who was the inventor of the helicopter in 1936?

Igor Sikorsky and Paul Cornu invented the helicopter in 1907. It was the first operating helicopter to actually take flight.

Why was black hawk helicopter inventor?

It was the Sikorski design team

Who is the inventor of helicopter shot?

Its Sachin Tendulker who invented the Helicoptershot.

Who was Igor sikorsky?

a famous helicopter inventor. He was Russian, and immigrated to the USA. He created a practical helicopter, and it worked, too!

Did anyone invent the solar helicopter?

Igor Sikorski invented the first helicopter. The inventor designed the helicopter to use solar power as a means of energy.

Who is the inventor of the helicopter and where from?

Leonardo da Vinci - early 1480's

Where can you find information on Paul E Williams inventor of the helicopter?


Who invented the helicopter in the 1500's?

Italian inventor Leonardo Da Vinci

Was there a demand for the helicopter inventor?

Apparently there was a demand because now there are thousands of helicopters.

Who was the original inventor of the helicopters?

A Russian-American, Igor Sikorsky, invented the first working helicopter...however, Leonardo Da Vinci created the concept of a helicopter many years before Sikorsky was born.

Who was the original inventor of the helicopter?

Igor Sikorsky invented the first practical helicopter.

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