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Q: What is the name of the river that was at the center of the Egyptian Civilization?
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What river helped nurture ancient Egyptian civilization?

The name of the river is the Nile. It flows from south to north.

What is the name of Egyptian civilization?

Ancient Egypt

What is the name of the famous Egyptian civilization building?

the pyramid

What is the Name of the river on which the Egyptian civilized developed?

the river nile

What is the name of the goddess of the nile river?

The name of Egyptian's goddess of river Nile is Anuket.

What is the name of the major Egyptian river?

The Nile.

What is another name for the civilization that occupied the indus river valley?

Harappan civilization

What is the name of the next tribal civilization that inhabited the Indus river valley?

Aryan Civilization

Name one of the great river civilizations?

The Indus Valley Civilization.

What is the name of the river valley where Indias oldest civilization lived?


What is the name of a civilization that lives along the Amazon river?

the bougodos where the first amasonians to go near the river

How did the River Nile get its name?

The Nile gets its name from the Greek word "Nelios", meaning River Valley.