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Galileo Galilei

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Q: What is the name of the scientist who proved that gravity causes falling objects to accelerate constantly no matter what the mass of the object may be?
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Gravity causes what objects to accelerate?

Gravity causes falling objects to accelerate.

What causes objects to accelerate?

Gravity causes falling objects to accelerate.

How does gravity effect a falling object?

If there is no air resistance, gravity will accelerate the falling object, that is, it will change its velocity.

How does gravity affect the veloctiy of falling objects?

The force of gravity will accelerate the falling objects towards itself.

How is gravity related to falling objects?

Gravity causes objects to fall and to accelerate.

What is the effect of gravity on a falling object?

The effect of gravity on ANY object - falling or not - is to pull it downward. If the object is in free fall, it will accelerate downwards.

Why isn't there gravity in outer space?

There sure is. Gravity goes all the way to infinity. But if you are in conditions of free fall, gravity will not be felt.The orbiting projectile is constantly falling yet the Earth's surface is also constantly falling out of reach.

Does gravity causes all falling objects to accelerate at the rate of 98?

The rate is 9.8m/sec

Gravity causes all falling objects to accelerate at a rate of 98 meters per seconds?


Why does and object accelerate when it falls toward Earth's surface?

Gravity is unopposed while an object is falling.

When an object is falling will it constantly accelerate?

It accelerates at a constant acceleration equal to the acceleration of gravity. However in air the air resistance will slow the acceleration until it reaches terminal velocity and falls at a constant velocity with zero acceleration as the air force balances the gravity force

Who is the scientist that studied falling bodies?

Sir Isaac Newton and Galileo both studied the effects of gravity on falling bodies.

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