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hi my q i hat is your name is sshrukh khan mother hi my q i hat is your name is sshrukh khan mother

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What was sharukh khans favourite sport?


What was sharukh khans first ever movie?


Sharukh khans email id?

email arukh khansh

What is the name of the sharuk khans mother name?

Lateef Fatima.

When is Sharukh-Khans birthday?

Shahrukh Khan was born on November, 2 1965

What was the name of kublai khans mother?

Sorghaghtani Beki

What is the name of Sharukh Khan's mother?

Latif Fatima

What is sharukh Khans wife name?

Shahrukh khan's wife name is Gauri Khan. She is very talented and has done various shows. She loves shahrukh very much and is very happy.

What was sir sued Ahmed khans mother name?

Azizunnissa begum

What are names sharukh khans childrens name?

Names of shahrukh khan's childrens are - Aryan and Suhana. Both of them are very good looking. You might see them in movies in the near future.

What is the name of the King of India?


What is name the name of khans wife?


How much sharukh khans earns monthly?

Shahrukh khan earns about 3-4 crores monthly. His monthly earning can be much more than this. This is the official figures told by him.

What was sharukh khan name in the film baadshah?


Who is Sharukh Khan?

Sharukh Khan is a popular actor-producer of the Bollywood.

What is Aamir khans son name?


What is the name of the man in the Hyundai commercial?

SRK- Sharukh Khan

What was Genghis khans best friends name?


How old are ShaRukh Khan's children?

shahrykh khans kids age is 1000000001 years old that's why hes so popular idiots

Is sharukh Khan Hindu?

Shahrukh Khan is not Hindu. The king of Bollywood is a Muslim. It is evident from his last name.

What is the name of the movie that KAJOL and Sharukh Khan were in together for the first time?


What is the name of first movie sharukh khan?

Dil AAshna Hai

Who is sharukh Khan's father name?

late taj Mohammad khan

Who married with Sharukh Khan?

Gauri Khan is the spouse of Sharukh.

Who is stronger salman Khan or sharukh Khan?

Sharukh khan